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Fairy Wings

A pair of fairy wings is a versatile addition to a little girl’s wardrobe. Here are some possible purposes for these fanciful accessories.

Birthday party costumes – Butterfly wings can be the basis of memorable birthday parties. The wings will designate the guest of honor, and you can complete the birthday girl’s butterfly costume with a fairy wand, tutu skirt, and matching headband. Use butterfly decor throughout the party space, and include a mini nylon butterfly in every guest’s favor to emphasize the theme.

Portrait attire – Your child’s yearly portrait should capture her nature. If she’s a fun, light-hearted child, then butterfly wings can highlight her personality in her annual photo session. Pair the wings with a leotard, tights and tutu skirt, and have the photographer snap some action shots as she dances around the set.

Creative playwear – Butterfly wings can spark a world of fantasy during playtime. Have your child don the wings, and let her imagination take flight. She might float around an imaginary garden, chatting with other make-believe insects. Maybe she’ll decide to add a tiara to her wings and become a butterfly princess, instead. The possibilities are endless.

Special occasions – Encourage your daughter to wear her wings for special occasions, like New Year’s Eve parties or summer pool parties. (Just be sure the wings come off before she jumps in the water!). Have a special afternoon “tea” with her every few months, complete with all the trimmings, and have her wear butterfly wings to make the event feel that much more unique.

These are just a few suggestions for butterfly wings’ potential. The wings come in a variety of colors and with assorted fun design features, like glitter or ribbons, which add to the effect. Have your child choose her favorites to ensure that she’ll treasure her wings for a long while.