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Personalized Butterfly Coat Hangers

Butterfly Decorations Shimmer Butterflies

There are a wide variety of projects that can be made using new or recycled coat hangers.  Decorated hangers can be used for their intended purpose of hanging clothes, or re-purposed as wall art. With the addition of Bugs-n-Blooms decorations, these personalized and upcycled coat hangers make wonderful additions to your home. Personalized coat hangers also make unique gifts for newlyweds or any other special occasion.

Wire Wedding Hangers

One of the most popular kinds of personalized hangers are designed for wedding dresses. Having a customized hanger for your wedding dress adds an extra touch to your special day and looks great in wedding photos. This video teaches how to make personalized hangers by twisting wire to spell a name, then attaching the name to a wooden hanger.

These kinds of hangers also make lovely wedding gifts and can be personalized with both the bride and groom's names as a matching set. Once the hangers are completed, you can add an extra level of decoration by attaching butterfly, bug, or flower mini decorations to the hanger. Just make sure the decorations are positioned in a way that they won't get caught on clothing when the hanger is used.

Hanger Wall-Art

Another way personalize coat hangers is to use them as creative wall art. Old coat hangers are easy to upcycle into pretty wall hanging. One of the simplest ways to do this is paint the hangers a color that will match your decorating scheme, then adhere an image to the back of the hanger. Once completed, these can be enhanced with mini decorations or personalized by adding a someone's name or initial to the design.

Vinyl wall letters are too large to spell out an entire name on a clothes hanger, but a single initial should just fit on a good-size hanger. Each letter has slightly different measurements, which you can check on our website, so measure the hanger you are working with before starting. A 4”x5” letter “s” will be easier to work with than a 3”x8” letter “j.”

Decorations For Children's Rooms

Both types of hangers described work well as decorations for a child's room. The same idea used for wedding hangers can be used to personalize hangers for children. Hangers personalized in this way can be used as wall art or to hang clothes for a special occasion. With the addition of beautiful butterflies, cute smiling ladybug or bumblebee decorations, they fit perfectly into the decorating scheme for a child's bedroom or playroom.

Clothes hangers can be an unexpected source for great decorating ideas. Whether you are creating a personalized coat hanger by twisting wire into names or turning old hangers into wall art, these DIY projects are a great idea for gifts and decorations. Decorating the finished products with butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, bumblebees or dragonflies adds a finishing touch to the design that will make them even more special.