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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Tutu Skirts for Summer Fun

    tutuWith their light, breezy style, tutu skirts are ideal wear throughout the hot summer months. Plus, they’re versatile enough to serve a variety of purposes.

    Of course, tutu skirts are traditionally associated with dancers, and if you have a child who takes lessons or classes, there’s a good chance that she’s on hiatus until the fall. But with the right clothing, she can dance on through until September.

    You’ll keep your little ballerina on her toes all summer long if you give her a tutu skirt to wear.

    There are plenty of reasons to wear tutus outside of a dance studio, though. They can serve as playwear or form the base of an outfit for a formal outing. With many choices of colors and embellishments, you can probably find a tutu skirt to fit your tastes for any occasion.

    Tutu skirts are a great addition to a vacation wardrobe. They fold up easily for luggage storage, and your little one can wear a tutu skirt to go sightseeing, to restaurants or even on a hike in the woods.

    Summer is also a time of many celebrations and gatherings, and tutu skirts are a good fit for these occasions, too. Tutus are perfect party attire, and you can dress them up with a fancy shirt or go more casual by pairing a tutu with a plain t-shirt or tank top.

    Tutu skirts don’t stand alone, either. They can be spruced up with other accessories, as well. Butterfly wings, fairy wands, flower headbands and tiaras are all good additions to a tutu outfit.

    Make this summer extra-special with a tutu skirt for your little one. She’ll get a lot of use out of it before school starts again.

  • Bugs-n-Blooms Introduces Purple Gerbera Flower Butterfly Wings

    Prosper, Texas – May 22, 2012 – Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC, a leading supplier of nylon butterfly room decor, as well as butterfly dress-up wings and matching accessories, is pleased to announce the newest addition to their ever-expanding line of playful dress-up products.  This month, the company has introduced a deep purple set of nylon butterfly dress-up wings that are adorned with matching colored glitter and are accented with a big jeweled Gerbera daisy. 

    The new addition to Bugs-n-Blooms’ line of nylon butterfly wings in a deep shade of purple is in line with the company’s continued commitment to adding color combinations that will suit the tastes of young girls as they begin to grow up and start to show a preference for brighter, bolder colors rather than the softer pastel shades that may have graced dress-up trunks at younger ages.   Prior to the introduction of these bright purple butterfly wings, Bugs-n-Blooms began adding bolder color combinations to their line in assorted styles that included hot pink and black, red and black, and pink and brown.  Most of the products offered by the company are also available in softer pastel hues of pink, lavender, pale green and yellow.

    “We know that little girls these days love bolder colors,” explains Jennifer DeVol, owner of Bugs-n-Blooms.  “So, we’re continually introducing products that will suit these bolder tastes.  Our deep purple butterfly wings can be worn for dress-up play, as costumes and just for fun, and the elastic bands on the wings allow for the nylon butterfly wings to be worn even as the child grows so they can be enjoyed for many years.”

    In addition to the newest style of butterfly wings, Bugs-n-Blooms also offers a number of products that can be equally enjoyed by toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school aged children.  The company sells nylon tutu skirts in a variety of color combinations, many of which match a style or multiple styles of dress-up butterfly wings.  They also offer fairy wands and hair accessories to add to the dress-up fun.

    “There’s nothing like the feeling little girls get when they put on a pair of whimsical butterfly wings and make believe they’re fairy princesses,” says DeVol.  “What we’ve done is just provide them with more fun colors to choose from when they transform themselves into that magical world of make-believe!”


    Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC sells a wide variety of nylon butterfly wings and other dress-up accessories, as well as garden-themed nylon room decor.  In addition to butterflies, their most popular product, the company also offers products styled after dragonflies, ladybugs, bumblebees and flowers.  To view the newest style of nylon dress-up butterfly wings offered by Bugs-n-Blooms, visit their website at

  • It’s the Season for Butterfly Costumes!

    Late spring and early summer bring a host of special events, from end-of-the-year dance recitals to preschool parties. A butterfly costume can be the perfect outfit for such a special occasion.

    Begin with the basics: butterfly wings, tutu skirts and a comfy shirt or leotard. The possibilities to add on from there are endless. You can choose various embellishments for the butterfly wings, including stars, swirls and layers. Tiaras and fairy wands are great accessories, as are hair bands accentuated with a large flower. [pullquote]You may initially choose the butterfly costume for a big event, but it will be versatile enough to double for everyday wear, too.[/pullquote]

    You may initially choose the butterfly costume for a big event, but it will be versatile enough to double for everyday wear, too. Butterfly costumes allow a great deal of freedom of movement. Your child can wear the outfit to play dates, as well as birthday parties, and when the cold weather returns, tights and a sweater can let your little one get even more wear out of the costume.

    Are you the one planning thebig springfling? In addition to dressing your child in butterfly gear, think about a butterfly theme for a first communion or kindergarten graduation party. Butterfly decor makes a beautiful backdrop for a celebration. You can create centerpieces with one large nylon butterfly surrounded by mini-butterflies. Opt for butterfly garlands for an extra splash.

    Even grown-up girls can enjoy a butterfly themed event, for a baby or bridal shower. Get creative with butterfly-themed games and favors and feature a cake with a beautiful butterfly decoration.

    If you choose a butterfly costume for a special day, you’ll be making the event that much more memorable for your little one. Even after she has grown, she can hang on to the costume as a keepsake, or maybe even hand it down to her own daughter!

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