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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • An Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

    butterfly decorationsA fun affair to celebrate any occasion (or even no occasion at all) can be patterned after the classic children’s tale Alice in Wonderland. Host a few of your daughter’s closest friends, and let your imagination take flight in designing the quirky fête.

    Alice in Wonderland can inspire an eclectic theme. Use mismatched teapots and teacups to match the Mad Hatter’s eccentricity. Don’t forget the oversized playing cards, which can be placed behind each guest’s chair.

    Remember the song lyric about “bread-and-butterflies kissing the tulips”? Serve pint-sized bread loaves embellished with butterfly decorations, like mini nylon-butterflies, and bake butterfly-shaped cookies to offer for dessert. Cakes that look like mushrooms are another good addition to the menu.

    That butterfly inspiration can extend to the hostess’s wardrobe, as well. She can wear butterfly wings either along with the Mad Hatter’s traditional top hat or in lieu of the headwear. You may also choose to provide the guests with costumes that portray the book’s other characters. Alice and the Duchess can don tutu skirts, and a flamingo can wear a bright pink tutu, too! Of course, don’t forget the rabbit ears and fluffy cottontail for Alice’s iconic tour guide in Wonderland.

    Your daughter’s take on the Mad Hatter might also involve a fairy wand that allows her to give her guests special powers from consuming the magical tea and treats.

    Decorate the room based on a garden theme. Place large floral stickers along the walls, and use artificial greenery for table decor. Set up a croquet game in the back yard to entertain your guests. You can show a DVD of an Alice in Wonderland movie if the weather won’t cooperate for outdoor activities.

    You can have an “Unbirthday” any time, so if you’re looking for a reason to schedule a get-together for your little one and all of her friends, opt for an Alice in Wonderland-themed event.

  • Spell out your room decorations with alphabet wall decor

    Names, motivational quotes and descriptive adjectives can all have their place in a child’s room thanks to alphabet wall stickers. These decorative touches are versatile and functional, and at the same time, they can integrate seamlessly with the rest of a room’s design.

    Alphabet stickers can be used in many ways. For example, they may add to the color theme of a room. Red and black alphabet stickers can be used to complement a room with a number of ladybug decorations.

    Similarly, the stickers can incorporate design elements from the rest of the room. Alphabet stickers embellished with butterflies are an excellent addition to a room in which butterfly decor is prominent.

    Alphabet stickers are useful tools, as well. Children love to have their names emblazoned on their doors or walls. Using alphabet stickers to spell out your child’s name emphasizes that the room is his or her special space.

    You can even label different sections of the room with alphabet stickers. Point out the play area, dressing room and reading nook by placing those words on the wall.

    Inspire your child by using alphabet stickers to write an uplifting message on your child’s wall. A child who wakes up and sees encouraging words on the wall will carry that motivation throughout the rest of his or her day.

    Removable alphabet stickers can be rotated in accordance with changing seasons or holidays. Combine the stickers with appropriate decorations to give the space an updated, seasonal flair.

    Alphabet stickers can be used in combination with other stickers, too. Create a mural with stickers of clouds, sunshine, flowers and butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs, and as a final touch, put your child’s name on the wall in an arc of alphabet stickers.

  • New Baby Shower Decorations and Tutu Skirts Introduced by Bugs-n-Blooms

    Prosper, Texas – July 8, 2011 – Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC, a company specializing in butterfly decorations and dress-up clothing, as well as other garden themed merchandise, is pleased to announce the introduction of a variety of new products this summer season.  New styles of dainty nylon butterfly decorations, dragonflies and flowers offered by the company can be used as baby shower decorations, room decorations and more, and add to an already abundant selection of whimsical decorative items that have been making the faces of little girls light up for almost nine years.

    In addition to their new hanging nylon garden and butterfly decorations, the company is also pleased to announce the addition of updated styles of tutu skirts and headbands that can be worn by little girls for dress-up play or everyday wear.   One new line includes polka dot tulle tutus in a variety of colors with matching flower polka dot crochet headbands.  The headbands also come in a wide variety of other colors and styles, including an eye-catching black and white zebra print headband.

    “As has always been our company’s philosophy, we strive to continually update our product line based on requests and recommendations from our customers,” explains Jennifer DeVol, owner of Bugs-n-Blooms.  “Our new products offer additional colors and patterns of existing styles, as well as completely new styles to add to our line of soft, feminine decorative and dress-up items.  We even have a new line of dragonfly decorations called the ‘Hailey dragonfly’ which was inspired by my own daughter.  Previously, we had created a series of Hailey butterflies that were based on drawings she had made.”

    Whether the products offered by Bugs-n-Blooms depict butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs or flowers, one thing always remains the same – they are all made of quality materials that are soft, whimsical and inspiring to the imaginations of little girls.  In addition to their decorative items finding their way onto the walls and ceilings of nurseries and little girls’ bedrooms, the items have also proved to make beautiful baby shower decorations that can then be re-used to decorate the nursery.  They have also been used to add a soft, festive touch to bridal showers, birthday parties and other special events as well.

    “We have been pleased with the response to many of the other new products we have introduced over the last couple of years, and we expect that reaction to our new additions will be favorable as well,” says DeVol.  “After all, who wouldn’t love to see their little girl dancing around this summer while wearing a hot pink polka dot tutu with a matching polka dot flower headband?  The sight is just precious!”


    Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC offers a wide selection of butterfly decorations and other garden themed decor, as well as dress-up items such as butterfly

  • Butterfly Floral Arrangements

    baby shower decorationsFlowers bring the beauty of nature indoors, and adding butterfly wings to a bouquet or potted plant can enhance the effect. After all, butterflies are often attracted to bright, colorful petals, just like the rest of us. Virtually any variety of flower—from daisies to hyacinths to roses—will look better when a few butterfly decorations are added to the bunch.

    Butterfly floral arrangements are versatile. They can make great baby shower decorations or add a touch of elegance to a bridal bouquet or altar decorations. Flowers or plants with butterflies can also serve as a hostess gift for a summer soiree or the centerpieces for a couple’s big anniversary dinner.

    You can add butterflies to a floral arrangement in any number of ways. Mini-butterflies can sit on a number of petals to re-create a lifelike environment. A larger nylon butterfly can serve as the focal point of a floral grouping, surrounded by a mixture of blooms. Even mid-sized butterflies can be incorporated into plants and arrangements, lining the rim of the vase or basket that holds the flowers. To extend the theme, you can choose a container with butterflies etched into the glass or painted onto ceramic.

    Butterfly decorations are available in a variety of colors to contrast and complement flower petals’ natural hues. Enhancements like glitter, gems and crystals can also introduce a different texture to the arrangement.

    Butterfly embellishments aren’t limited to indoor flowers, either. Larger decorative versions of the beautiful winged creatures make a great addition to an outdoor garden as well. Nylon butterflies may even serve as decoys to attract their real-life counterparts to your floral patch.

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