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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • Butterfly Themed Nursery Ideas

    Decorating your baby's nursery in a butterfly theme is a beautiful way to brighten the room for your baby girl. Butterflies are delicate creatures, each unique in their intricate designs and colors. There are creative ways you can bring the beauty of butterflies into the nursery in an elegant way that looks well put together and enhances the feel of the room.
    Choosing Items
    Choose a few key butterfly items for your nursery rather than overwhelming the room with everything butterfly-themed. Additional items can be coordinated to match the butterfly's colors. Your colors should be bright, as babies prefer these over pastels. Newborns, however, prefer black and white due to the contrast of shades, which is easier for them to see.
    Hanging Butterflies
    Take small hooks and screw them into the ceiling. Find large butterflies at Bugs-n-Blooms that can be hung from the hooks using fishing line. They'll fly around as the breeze hits them and delight the baby from her crib.
    Wall Decals
    Use butterfly wall decals to decorate the walls. Bugs-n-Blooms has vinyl wall decal stickers that are custom in your choice of colors. With a large color palette, you can match the decals to the colors in your baby's nursery. You can pick up other decals that work well with the butterfly theme, such as clouds for the ceiling or flowers for the butterflies to sit on.
    Crib and Bedding
    Decorate her crib with a few butterfly items and solid colors to coordinate. The bedding should be simple with a few butterfly items standing out from the rest. While the crib sheet can be a solid bold color, the blanket can be a colorful array of butterflies. The mobile is a great way to showcase hanging butterflies. Since butterflies are one of the more popular themes for babies, you'll be able to find several selections of butterfly mobiles available at their store, both online and in-store.
    Butterfly Rug
    Complete the room with a large butterfly rug or several smaller ones. You can find rugs that have an assortment of butterflies on them to rugs that are in the shape of a large butterfly.
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  • Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

    Butterfly Invitations
    You can use a large colorful picture of a butterfly for your butterfly birthday party invitations. Make photocopies and cut out the invitations. Include your party details on the butterfly wings.
    The wording of your butterfly birthday invitations can say: "Butterflies are pretty and fly so free - come to (name of your child)'s 6th (7th, etc.) birthday tea. There will be games to play and wings to make. We will enjoy a butterfly cake. So dress up as pretty as you can be, and join the fun at (name of your child)'s Butterfly Tea." Then include all your butterfly birthday party details.
    You can make butterfly party invitations more personal. Draw (with a help of your child) a butterfly on the front of the invitation card (make sure the butterfly is big enough). Then make color copies of your picture for the rest of the invitations. Write the above wording inside you invitations and mail.
    Butterfly Decorations
    You can create a special atmosphere with your butterfly party decorations.
    Decorate a gate (or any other area in front of your house) with a banner "The Butterfly Birthday Party is Here!" Tie balloons (mylar butterfly balloons are best) to pinwheels, and then stick the pinwheels in the ground by the walkway leading to your house. Have colorful paper streamers everywhere around your backyard.
    Hang nylon butterflies on strings from the ceiling inside the house. Place any butterfly related toys (e.g. flowers, bugs, etc.) around the butterfly birthday party area. Attach butterfly posters to the walls for colorful effect.
    Cover your table with table cover with mini butterflies on it. You can attach colorful ribbons to flower pots, and have one or two of them for table centerpiece.
    Tie a large butterfly mylar balloon to birthday child's seat. Make a huge banner "Happy Birthday (Your child's name)!", and hang it by the table area.
    Butterfly Favors
    For your butterfly party favors you can have such items as butterfly stickers, bean bags, butterfly hair clips, sunglasses, toy butterflies, flower seeds, gummy caterpillars, and butterfly shaped rings.
    If your butterfly birthday party is strictly for the girls - then you can give out butterfly costumes which includes a pair butterfly wings, butterfly tutu, and a butterfly wand.
    Butterfly Birthday Cake
    Butterfly Cake: Bake 9" round cake and one cupcake.
    Cut cake in half. Place curved edges of the cut halves side by side. This should resemble butterfly wings. Frost the cake with white icing and decorate it with candies and gumdrops.
    Place the cupcake above "the wings" to resemble butterfly's head. Place licorice for antennae and gumdrops for eyes.
    Butterfly Food Ideas
    • Butterfly Bagels: Slice bagels in half. Split the halves again in the middle resulting in four half circles per bagel.
    • Butterfly Sandwich: Cut bread in the form of butterfly wings. Add a celery stick body, cherry tomato and carrot stick antennae. Put veggie pieces on the bread for "spots".
    • Butterfly Treats: Cut celery into small pieces. Fill them with peanut butter, cream cheese or other spread. Put a pretzel on each side of the celery to form wings. Use broken pretzel pieces for antennae and raisins for eyes.
    • Caterpillar Gelatin: Prepare gelatin according to directions on the package. Add gummy worms - so every gelatin cube has a caterpillar. And then refrigerate.
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  • Butterfly Wedding Cakes Symbol of Love

    The butterfly is just a perfect symbol for love, how? The answer is butterfly is the transformative creature. Its life begins as ugly duckling and converts into a very beautiful thing which liked by everyone. So, butterfly is the most preferred one. It is a transformation, passing through dreadful phases to reach at most beautiful end, which concludes in a final commitment Marriage.
    Therefore, the butterfly wedding cakes are more perfect for you. It is one of the most exclusive ideas that you can take on. But there is only one challenge to face once you have fixed on to go with this specific kind of wedding cake is to find a capable baker. This is for the reason that you wish for your wedding cake to be the best wedding cake.

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  • Tutu Skirts - Cultivate Your Daughters Imagination

    Nothing is sweeter or more delicate than your little girl and what better way to make her feel special than to dress her up than in a delightful tutu skirt.

    If you are like most parents, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time looking for ways to entertain your children. While children are easily amused, they are just as easily bored and need a constant flow of activity to stimulate their imaginations, which we all know is so important in the early years of a child's development.

    Too many children today have lost that sense of imagination that children in years past used to display. Blame it on video games and television taking up so much of their time, but kids today have forgotten how to entertain themselves playing make believe.

    While little boys spend a large part of their day on their knees trying to put holes in their new pants or playing army in the mud, girls are captivated with frilly tea parties, dolls, and dressing up in mommy’s shoes.

    What better way to preserve your daughter's child-like sense of wonder and cultivate her creativity than with a butterfly costume, or helping her throw a princess party for her friends. Make her feel like the special princess that she is when she dons her new tutu skirt. No doubt her friends will want to put on a pink tutu and a pair of butterfly wings as well. They will have countless hours of fun running around in their tutus and butterfly wings while transforming one another with their magic wands.

    After they have exhausted themselves running around spreading fairy dust throughout their kingdoms and looking for their prince charmings, they will no doubt enjoy a princess tea party and will be properly dressed for the occasion.

    Her tutu can also be worn at birthday parties, ballet recitals, photo shoots, or even holidays. The waist bands are adjustable up to twelve more inches at the waist so your little sweetheart will have the perfect dress up costume for years to come.

    You can purchase an individual tutu or as a complete party set, including a matching headband, butterfly wings, and a magic wand. Whichever combination you give her, in no time your daughter will be swept away to a world of make-believe where she is the fairy princess in her imaginary kingdom. 


  • Butterfly Fairy Wings, Costume Dress Up Wings

    Butterfly wings and fairy wings are a wonderful accessory for any little girl who loves dress up. It is amazing how much joy a little girl can get out of a simple inexpensive item such as fairy dress up wings. Her imagination will take flight as she lets her dress up wings carry her away into her Neverland. She can pretend to be a fairy or even a fairy princess and her adventures never seem to end.Butterfly Fairy Wings, Costume Dress Up Wings
    Perhaps you remember what fun it was to be able to spend your day in imagination. What freedom it gives to anyone's mind to take that time and pretend. Our little ones seem to have it down pat. It's nice to know that small and simple things can add that important element to her growth. Whether it is a new set of wings for a Halloween dress up costume or just for everyday play it seems fairy wings are a hit that will last forever. There are so many different styles and colors with the butterfly wings and fairy wings these days that you can offer for your little fairy princess. Pink is of course a popular color for little girls but there are many who like rainbow fairy wings or even lavender or purple wings for their dress up costume. Perhaps they already want a variety so they have a color for each outfit. We all know that desire to have the right accessory for each outfit will start all too soon.
    Think of the smiles you get to enjoy when she dawns her favorite butterfly wings and seems to fly off into her play land. A little boy might spend hours watching the bugs and exploring to see the butterflies in their element but your little girl will take it upon herself to become one of them at every opportunity dawning her wings often as soon as she wakes and perhaps changing her outfit several times a day. She will want to wear them to the shopping mall or even on a trip to the grocery store and why shouldn't she? She only gets to be a kid once. The rest of her life she will spend remembering the time and wishing she could go back.
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  • Girl Room Decorating Ideas, Garden Theme Bedroom Decorations

    Whether you opt for a room full of flowers or butterflies or go with a garden or tea party theme your daughter’s room – it’s easy to create the room of her dreams with a few creative touches.
    Following is a collection of garden and butterfly related theme ideas. I hope the following ideas inspire some girl room ideas of your own.
    Flower Power
    For a cool retro look think bright oranges, sunny yellows, lime greens, and watermelon pinks. Look for vibrant wall borders and fabrics with simple flower shapes.
    Team girl room colors up with solid colored bedding and window treatments. Use flower prints again on throw cushions and in an area rug.
    Go one step further and trace some of the flower shapes from the border or fabric and create random floral patterns on your child’s wall and then paint to match the colors elsewhere in her kid room. Or you could display the tops of some bright and colorful flowers in simple frames and use to bring her girl room theme together.
    When it comes to girl rooms - butterflies are big! Since butterflies are a popular theme room idea for girls, the kid room decorating market offers many fun fabrics and accessories that will easily bring a butterfly theme together.
    A kid room mural featuring a garden and butterflies is a great place to start or you could opt for summery pink or yellow painted walls and make a butterfly comforter or quilt the focal point of the room instead.
    A decorative border, some reusable wall stickers, a butterfly mobile or some butterflies hung by a screw eye and fishing line would go along way to bringing all the room elements together.
    Other girl room theme ideas include painting butterflies or using reusable stickers on furniture and accenting a lampshade, curtain, thin picture frame or bulletin board with butterfly hair clips.
    Garden party
    For another take on a feminine girl room consider soft pinks, gentle violets and mellow yellows to create a garden party theme your daughter will cherish for years to come.
    Consider airy curtains and soft floral or thin striped fabrics.
    For a custom look hang your child’s curtains from a wooden dowel (painted white) to which the ends of dollar store hand tools have been affixed (remove the handles first).
    What about a garden trellis, a picket fence or lattice headboard? Hanging artificial flowers and butterflies from the ceiling (use fishing line and a screw eye) is also a great idea.
    Or how about using white lattice on the bottom half of your child’s wall and painting the top part of her walls blue and sponging on some white fluffy clouds?
    Alternatively you could try your hand at painting a wall mural or simply put up a ready-made one. Reusable wall stickers and a decorative wall border would also be a good way of bringing her garden party theme together.
    Creative storage ideas that tie in well with this girl room theme include using three extra large terra-cotta-looking plastic pots to throw toys into and a variety of individual white painted wooden pegs or peg racks for storing items in mesh bags.
    White painted furniture and a child’s table and chair set in a corner would be the ideal spot for a tea party with friends. 
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  • Kids Butterfly Party Ideas

    If your child loves butterflies, give her a party that centers on her favorite insect. Let the guest of honor participate with planning, choosing treats for the party favor bags, activities and cupcake centerpiece or butterfly cake. Make this a celebration that guests will say was over much too soon.
    Hanging Butterfly decorations for birthday partiesPass out or mail colorful invitations in the shape of butterflies with information on date, time and place of the party. Attach or include a magnetic butterfly to keep the invitation posted on the refrigerator as a reminder and let the birthday child decorate the envelopes with butterfly stamps.
    Party Decorations
    Cover the party table with butterfly-themed paper table cloths or a few yards of fabric printed with colorful butterflies. Table decorations include butterfly-shaped paper plates and butterfly-printed cups and napkins. Place cone-shaped butterfly printed hats and attach a butterfly-themed balloon at each chair at the table. Wall decorations can also include giant butterflies, butterfly streamers and nylon butterflies suspended from the ceiling. If the party is held at home, decorate the front door with a butterfly party door cover.
    Party Favors
    Butterfly party favorsCreate party favor bags with butterfly-themed goodies such as butterfly sunglasses, sun catchers, butterfly jewelry kits, rings and necklaces, butterfly wings, butterfly shaped lollipops, butterfly wands, temporary butterfly tattoos, fans and little butterfly bottles of bubbles. The guest of honor can hand the favor bags to each guest as they leave to go home at the end of the party. Have the guest of honor dress up in a beautiful butterfly costume which includes butterfly wings, butterfly tutu skirt and a butterfly fairy wand.
    Refreshments Place decorated cupcakes with pastel colored frosting on a tiered serving tray with butterfly candle toppers as the centerpiece guests will enjoy last. Serve finger foods such as "Caterpillars in a blanket" (hot dog halves wrapped in a biscuit) with dipping sauce like ketsup or mustard and "Butterfly Pizza" (pizza cut with butterfly cookie cutter).
    Have a few craft projects ready for young guests to make. These include a Butterfly Life Cycle art kit with embellishments, painting ceramic butterfly pots, decorating giant butterflies with stickers, making butterfly magnets or coloring fuzzy butterfly pictures. Add a little physical activity with a butterfly piñata filled with candy and treats guests can swing at with a stick.
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  • Sale on Butterfly Decorations, Butterfly Wings, Wall Stickers

    Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC is pleased to announce their upcoming 10% off sale, just in time for spring.
    The Texas based company is the leading supplier in nylon butterflies, ladybug decorations, adorable dragonflies, bumble bees, and daisy flower decor for your little princess’s bedroom. Bugs-n-Blooms customers will receive 10% off their entire purchase when they use the coupon code in the bottom left column of their website,
    The company has been busy creating a new line of wall letter stickers. The new stickers will be three tone (light pink, light green, and light purple) butterfly wall sticker letters to match their triple layer butterflies.
    In about two weeks we will have available our new triple layer flowers created to match our exclusive triple layer butterflies and our unique butterfly decor. Our triple layer hanging flowers are made with the same soft wire frames and covered with nylon material. The flowers are nicely embellished with sequins and glitter, similar to that of their two tone daisy which is already available. Both of which are perfect for your little girls butterfly and flower themed bedroom decor.

    Triple Colored Butterfly Wall Stickers - Match Triple Layered Butterflies:
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    Whether you’re putting up just a few butterfly stickers and some wall letters, a mural, or a complete nursery or bedroom, Bugs-n-Blooms are here to help. Personalize your girls bedroom with our unique wall letters, and a swatch of swirling tri tone butterflies and sequined flowers and watch your daughters face light up as she sees her bedroom for the first time.

    Remember you are getting 10% off on all purchases so get your orders in while the sale is on. Look for our new letter stickers designed to enhance our beautiful hanging three tone butterflies. We offer only quality products and our designs are handmade to perfection, using soft bendable wire, nylon, glitter and sequins. Spell out your girls name with our unique wall letters or our mural stickers which tie in nicely with our butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs.

    Jennifer De Vol is proud of her growing companies ability to take into account her customers wishes and come out with new product lines to fit Bugs-n-Blooms client’s needs. Their amazing line of unique products makes them the perfect choice for nurseries, bedrooms, birthday parties, and even weddings. The company’s designs feature ladybugs, dragonflies, bees, and flowers as well as accessories to make your little girl feel special. You can choose from and array of butterfly wings, tutu skirts, fairy wands, and hair accessories.
    For more information please visit Bugs-n-Blooms on line at 

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