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Bugs-n-Blooms's Butterfly Life

Hanging nylon butterfly decorations are perfect for girls nursery or bedroom walls and ceiling. Our decor is great for weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. Specializing in artificial butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, flowers and bees for a garden themed room. Adorable butterfly wings, tutu skirts, butterfly costumes and fairy wings are adorable for any little princess.

  • Spring Wedding Ideas: Colors and Decor

    Spring is a popular time for weddings. The weather is warming up, new leaves are appearing on the trees, and fresh flowers are blooming everywhere. It's a perfect season for starting a new chapter of your life. Picking out colors and flowers and making other decorating choices are a key part of planning a spring wedding. There's a wide selection to choose from, and Bugs-n-Bloom decorations fit nicely into spring wedding style.

    DIY Project: Making Wedding Favors


    Pastels are popular choices for spring weddings. If you don't want them to make up the entire wedding pallet, you can pair a pastel tone with a complementary darker color. Pale blue or light pink both look good with chocolate brown, coral tones complement deep greens, and a spring yellow pairs well with gray tones. You could also opt for a bright color pallet, with the vivid tones of spring flowers, or pair one bright color like hot pink with a softer tone like blush.

    Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are available in a wide range of colors, and there are shades to match most wedding color choices. The basic color options are blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown, orange and white. Different styles feature different shades of these colors, and some layer multiple colors. If you want a pale or pastel butterfly decoration, go with the multi-layered butterflies. For bolder tones, crystal hanging butterflies are a good choice. Painted butterflies have dark and light colors on the same decoration.


    Spring brides have a wide selection of in-season flowers to choose from. For pink tones, try roses, peonies, hyacinth, orchids or tulips. If you're looking for blues and purples, consider sweet-pea, lilac, hyacinths, hydrangea or delphinium. Reds, oranges, and yellows can be found in roses, ranunculus, lilies and Gerber daisies.

    Fillers and foliage for spring weddings include baby's breath, Queen Anne's lace, hosta leaves, and ornamental grasses. Mini decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms can also be worked into a flower bouquet by wiring them and wrapping the wire in floral tape. A few butterflies or dragonflies look adorable hovering in the arrangement.

    Décor Tips

    If you're planning an outdoor wedding in the spring, it can be a good idea to add a rain plan into your decorating ideas. Some wedding venues will supply a tent in case of rain. If not, you can rent one. Adding decorations on the tent poles, like curtain tie-backs or flowers, helps incorporate the tent into the overall feel of the wedding so it doesn't look like a last-minute change.

    Curtain tie-backs can also be used in place of ribbon bows for decorating chairs at the wedding ceremony or reception. Bugs-n-Blooms' larger hanging decorations look lovely hanging from ceilings and walls at an indoor reception location, and the smaller styles are adorable table decorations.

  • Family New Year's Party

    After a whirl-wind holiday season, it can be nice to relax with a laid-back New Years party that the whole family can enjoy. Instead of attending a cocktail party just for adults to ring in the New Year, opt for a family-friendly setting with games, foods, and drinks that the little ones can enjoy as well.

    Sunroom Decorations: Butterflies, Bumble Bees, Flowers

    Setting the Stage

    One of the first steps in crafting a New Year's party is choosing decorations. You'll need to order them in advance so they arrive on time, so picking them out early is a good idea. Bugs-n-Blooms' room décor includes a wide range of sizes and colors in a variety of insect and flower designs. They are cheerful, colorful decorations that pair well with other decorating items like paper lanterns.

    Hanging decorations are made of nylon fabric stretched over a flexible wire frame, which lets you fluff-out the wings and petals to make the decorations more 3-D. All sizes come with a hoop and fishing line to make them easy to hang, but the hoop is also easy to remove if you want to use them in another way. These decorations come in small sizes, which are perfect for attaching to other objects like a vase or chairs, medium sizes that look great decorating serving tables, and large and extra-large sizes that add interest to walls and ceilings.

    Festive Foods

    Make feeding everyone easy by serving lots of finger foods that don't take much time to prepare. Finger-food recipes that will work for this type of party include stuffed celery, fried cheese poppers, fruit and cheese plates, meatballs, mini pizza wedges, and crackers with dip. Make sure to include lots of foods the kids will eat.

    To make serving easier, put all the food on one table and the drinks on another. Decorate the tables with colorful table cloths, clocks ticking down to the New Year, and a few butterflies, ladybugs or flowers from Bugs-n-Bloom.


    Christmas Butterfly DecorationsActivities for All Ages

    Kid-friendly activities for a New Year's party include having a game night or showing family movies like The Princess Bride and The Love Bug. Card games, Apples to Apples and board games all allow large groups and a variety of ages to play together. New Year-themed charades is another option for game night, where participants act-out their New Years resolutions.

    At the end of the party, ring in the New Year at the stroke of midnight. Noise makers, party hats and confetti are key parts of this tradition, and they can be economically made at home if you like. If your kids are too young to stay up that late, you can set the clock ahead a few hours so it strikes “midnight” at 7 or 8 in the evening. Then the kids can celebrate with you before bedtime.

  • Boys and Bugs Decorations

    Whether you're decorating a baby boy's nursery or a little boy's bedroom, bug decorations are a good place to start. Many insect decorations go well with blue colors often used in boys' rooms, as well as the increasingly popular green colors. Bugs fit in well with outdoorsy, boyish designs including pond and nature themes. The same ideas work well for a nursery, or you can opt for a more brightly colored theme like bumblebees.


    Pond-Themed Dragonflies

    Frogs and bugs in a blue, pond-themed room are a great choice for little boys. The blue and green colors fit perfectly with traditional ideas about how boys' rooms should be decorated, and the theme encourages a wide range of decorating options, including leaf-shaped lamps, adorable frog pillows, and wall-murals of ponds. Murals can incorporate vinyl wall-stickers, including dragonfly-theme alphabet letters and stickers shaped like dragonflies.

    Since dragonflies live near water in nature, they are the best choice for bug decorations in a pond-theme room. Bugs-n-blooms' dragonfly decorations are available in 10 different designs, and a wide range of sizes from the 2-by-2 inch mini dragonfly, to the 18-by-11 inch extra-large size. Matching curtain tie-backs are also available, as well as hanging mobiles for decorating a nursery.

    Ladybugs and Green

    Bright red ladybug decorations pair well with an outdoor or nature theme for a boy's bedroom. Red and green are opposite on the color wheel, which makes them complementary colors. These colors pair well together in a visually appealing way, whether you choose more muted tones or go with a bright green backdrop.

    Ladybug decorations come in three different sizes. Mini ladybugs measure 2-by-2 inches, small ladybugs are 4-by-3 inches, and medium ladybugs measure 8-by-6 inches. These ladybugs can all be hung from walls or ceilings, and the smaller sizes work well for attaching to furniture and other decorations. Matching curtain tie-backs are available for both the Glitter and Shimmer ladybug designs.

    Bumblebee Nurseries

    Bumblebee decorations can be used in a boy's room much the same way as ladybugs. They pair well with a nature theme, and yellow looks good with green colors. A bumblebee theme is also adorable for a baby boy's nursery. Crisp black, white and yellow color schemes are visually stimulating for babies, and according to color theorists yellow encourages happiness.

    Bee decorations come in four different sizes: 2-by-2 inch or 3-by-3 inch mini bees, 5-by-4 inch small, and 10-by-6 inch medium. The designs all have smiling painted faces, and look adorable decorating a baby's bedroom. Bee-themed wall stickers are also available, including alphabet letters and a quote sticker that reads “I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee ... Wont my mommy be so proud of me!”

  • Bugs-n-Blooms Holiday Decor

    When you think of holiday decorating, butterflies and flowers probably aren't the first things that come to mind. But Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are surprisingly versatile. You can use wall letters to spell-out holiday phrases, add small nylon decorations to your collection of Christmas ornaments, and incorporate other decorations throughout your holiday home design.

    Flower Arranging with Butterflies and Bugs

    Wall Letters

    Bugs-n-Blooms' alphabet letters are re-usable, vinyl wall clings. They work best on smooth, indoor surfaces like glass, metal, sanded wood or drywall painted with a flat, satin or egg-shell finish. They will not stick to rough, textured surfaces or walls that have been painted within the last 30 days. Once you have a good spot for them, though, they are easy to hang – just peal and stick. See “How to Apply Wall Decals” for more tips.

    Alphabet designs include butterflies, flowers, and ladybugs in a wide range of colors like red, green and purple. For holiday decorating, you can use these letters to spell-out a festive word or phrase. It can be a simple phrase like “Noel” or “Merry Christmas,” or you can choose a slightly longer Christmas quote. Other ideas include a short line from a song, like “Silent night, holy night” or “Have a holly, jolly Christmas.”


    The nylon fabric decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms come in several different sizes, and the smaller sizes would work well as Christmas ornaments. Butterfly and dragonfly decorations come in 2- by 2-inch and 3- by 3-inch mini sizes, as well as 5- by 4-inch and 7- by 5-inch small sizes, depending on the design. Bee decorations come in the 2- by 2-inch, 3- by 3-inch, and 5- by 4-inch sizes. Smaller ladybug decorations are either 2- by 2-inch mini or 4- by 3-inch small sizes. The 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch diameter flower decorations can also work as ornaments.

    These decorations come with a hanging hoop and attached fishing line, which make it easy to attach them to the branches of a Christmas tree. They come in a wide range of colors, and complement many decorating styles while adding some variety to your ornaments.

    Other Decorations

    The larger versions of Bugs-n-Blooms' butterfly, dragonfly, flower, bee and ladybug decorations work well suspended from ceilings or walls. If you have a large fireplace, they can be used to decorate the mantle as well, as long as the fabric wings and petals are kept away from open flames. Available decorations also include curtain tie-backs and mobiles to hang from the ceiling.

    For more ideas about how to use Bugs-n-Blooms decorations for the holidays, just look through a list of holiday decorating ideas. If you see an idea you like, think about how it might look with a cute red ladybug or a little green butterfly. Just a few of the ways Bugs and bloom decorations can be used is adding them to evergreen wreaths and ribbons swags, perching them on pine cones or decorative letters, and using them in floral arrangements.

  • DIY Bugs-n-Blooms Holiday Branches

    Some of the most beautiful and easy DIY decorations for the holidays are ones made from tree branches. They might be covered in glitter, or speckled with pretty little decorations. Before you start to decorate the branches, take moment to consider how you want to use them. You can find tree branches in all shapes and sizes, and you'll want to make sure the branches you choose for your craft project are small or large enough to fit where you want them.

    small mini butterflies decor

    Glittering Branches

    You'll Need:

    • newspapers
    • glass glitter
    • tacky glue
    • paint brush
    • tree branches
    • jar or vase


    1. Spread newspapers over your work area to keep the glue and glitter from getting everywhere.
    2. Pour glitter into the center of the newspaper.
    3. Using the paint brush, coat one branch at a time with tacky glue wherever you want them to glitter. Brush smoothly, and avoid big clumps.
    4. Roll the branch in the glitter, folding the newspaper as needed to keep the glitter in the middle.
    5. Place the end of the branch in a jar or vase, and allow the glue to dry for about 45 minutes.

    You can use the glittering branches as they are, or continue adding decorations like artificial berries, moss, or tiny insect and flower decorations (see steps below). These glittering branches look lovely as part of a holiday floral arrangement, or even simply laid out across a mantle or down a dining room table with candles.

    Bugs-n-Bloom Branches

    You'll Need:


    1. If your mini decorations come with fishing line and an attached hoop, remove them.
    2. Let the glue gun warm up before using it. Then, squeeze a small amount of glue onto the tree branch where you want to put the decoration. Press decoration onto the glue.
    3. Be careful not to touch the hot glue with your fingers, since it will burn skin. If you do get hot glue on our fingers, dip them in cold water immediately.
    4. Repeat for each decoration, and wait for the glue to cool completely. Once cool, you can clip-off any strings of glue that are hanging to the project using small craft scissors.

    Take the time to think about where you're going to place these decorated branches before you start gluing. If they'll be in a vase that can be seen from all sides, you'll want to place the insect or flower decorations differently than if the branches will be lying on a mantle, sideboard, or table.

  • Winter Bridal Shower Themes

    Having a theme for a bridal shower helps with several planning choices. When you have a theme, that helps narrow down ideas for styles of invitations, decorations, and even menu options. For brides getting married in the winter, seasonal themes like Winter Wonderland or a holiday theme are excellent choices that can fit surprisingly well with Bugs-n-Blooms decorations.

    Flower & Butterfly Decorations Handmade Candle Holders

    Planning Checklist

    Choosing a date, making a guest list, determining a location, and picking a theme are the first things to do when hosting a bridal shower. Don't forget to ask the bride for her input as well! You'll want to mail invitations about 4 weeks before the shower date, or perhaps earlier since it's a busy time of the year with other holiday parties on the calendar. To make sure you don't miss anything, you can use an online checklist like the Bridal Shower Planning Checklist from

    Planning a menu depends on what time of day you're hosting a shower. If the party will be over by 11:30 in the morning, breakfast foods are a good choice. Early afternoon showers can focus on finger foods, and later showers might serve a full meal. A dessert buffet is another option if hosting the shower after the dinner hour. For a winter shower, be sure to include warm beverages  as part of the menu.

    Winter Themes

    Ideas for a winter bridal shower include a Winter Wonderland theme with beautiful ice and snowflake decorations, a Holiday theme that incorporates Christmas decorations, and a cozy theme with a hot chocolate bar to keep warm.

    Use your chosen theme on the invitations first. For a Winter Wonderland party, clean white invitations with silvery snowflakes are a good choice. Holiday theme invitations might use a red, green, and gold color scheme. If you're overlaying the winter theme with a housewares, kitchen, bath, or lingerie shower, mention that in the invitation as well so the guest will know what type of gift to bring.


    White and blue decorations are lovely for a Winter Wonderland shower. Snowflakes are an obvious choice, but flower decorations like the ones from Bugs-n-Blooms also look nice. Blue and white multi-layered flowers have a lovely icy-blue color with glitter sparkles. Blue or white color options are also available in several other handing decorations, mini flowers, and on  curtain tie-backs, which can be tied around chairs or pillars as well as curtains.

    Flower decorations are also available in green, which looks nice with red ladybugs in a Christmas theme, and in earthy tones like orange and brown to go with a cozy theme reminiscent of of snuggling up by the fire and sipping hot cocoa. Other decorating ideas for a winter-theme bridal shower include using Christmas ornaments as place card holders, hanging Holiday lights around the room, and decorating with snowflake garlands.

  • Ladybug Christmas

    Bright red and cheerful, ladybugs are an adorable addition to Christmas decorations. They fit in perfectly with the red and green color scheme that is so much a part of decorating for this holiday. Children especially like these friendly little insects, and also look cute dressed up in ladybug costumes for family pictures.

    Creative Color For Winter Weddings

    Ladybug Decorations

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers four styles of ladybug decorations. Shimmer hanging ladybugs have black sequins and glittery swirls on their pink or red wings, and are available in small (4 by 3 by 2 inches), medium (8 by 6 by 4 inches), and a petite mini size (2 by 2 inches). This style is also available as curtain tie-backs and a hanging mobile.

    Glitter hanging ladybug decorations are available in five colors, and come in the same sizes and styles as shimmer ladybugs, including petite decorations, curtain tiebacks and mobiles. These ladybugs have solid-color wings with glitter sequins and a white body. Hailey ladybug decorations, which have two-layered wings and come in four different colors, are available in small and medium sizes. Smiling ladybugs, which have painted faces and wear cute little bows, only come in the color red and measure 2 by 2 inches.

    Ladybugs as Ornaments

    Ladybug decorations can be hung from walls or ceilings with ease, using the included fishing line and hanging hoops. The hanging hoop is also removable, if there is some other way you'd like to hang them. Small and mini decorations can also be used as part of other decorating projects, such as accents on a pine wreath or even as Christmas tree ornaments.

    Red ladybugs, especially the mini ladybugs, look adorable wired to branches of a Christmas tree, and they match well with customized ornaments as well. Several companies make ladybug-themed ornaments that you can personalize with a name or short phrase. They look particularly cute hanging on a tree with Bugs-n-Blooms ladybugs.

    Lovely Ladybug Costumes

    Ladybug costume wings are one-size-fits-all, and measure 14 inches wide by 13 inches high. They are recommended for toddlers, young girls, and youth. The colors pink and red are available, and they can be paired with a holiday dress, other costume or Bugs-n-Blooms tutu skirts and head bands.

    These costumes wings work well if your little girl wants to dress-up for a holiday party, and they are also perfect for photo shoots. A cute ladybug-themed picture of your kids looks adorable on a personalized Christmas card to send out to friends and family, and it could also be used on a personalized ornament to match other ladybug decorations.

  • Thanksgiving Table Decor

    You're planning Thanksgiving dinner, and you want everything to be just right. The menu is the most important part, of course, but don't forget a plan for decorating the table as well. A beautiful presentation makes the delicious food just that much more impressive. Here are a few ideas, using Bugs-n-Blooms decorations, to help get you off of a good start when decorating the Thanksgiving table.

    Flower & Butterfly Decorations Handmade Candle Holders

    Boxes and Baskets

    For a laid-back family dinner with a rustic feel, wooden boxes or baskets are one idea for a nice centerpiece. They are easy to find and inexpensive at resale or antique shops and garage sales. Rustic boxes and baskets come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so you'll be able to find one to fit most table settings. Choosing low boxes and baskets without tall handles will keep the centerpieces from getting in the way of conversation.

    The boxes and baskets can be lined with burlap or a country-patterned fabric, and look lovely filled with miniature pumpkins, gourds, and other autumn harvest decorations. Some Bugs-n-Blooms decorations that look nice with a rustic wooden centerpiece are mini ladybugs and bumblebees. They can be perched among the pumpkins, or attached to the edge of a box or basket.

    Classic Cornucopia

    A cornucopia works well as the center of a thoroughly traditional table setting. With one at the middle of the table or set to one side, you can have harvest decorations spilling out along a table runner for a centerpiece that covers the full length of the table. Pumpkins, autumn leaves, apples, Indian corn, pine cones, and nuts like acorns all work well for this type of arrangement.

    Miniature butterflies look cute attached to the cornucopia, and slightly larger butterflies can be used along the table runner just like the pumpkins and other decorations. Mini butterflies measure 1 to 3 inches, depending on the style. Size small in the other butterfly decorations measures either 5 by 4 inches or 7 by 5 inches.

    Fall Flowers

    Flowers are always a popular choice for centerpieces, and there are several in season for Thanksgiving. Chrysanthemums are a fall-blooming flower that comes in many colors, including purple, white, orange, and yellow. Choosing a color scheme is one of the first steps in creating a lovely Thanksgiving table setting, and chrysanthemums or artificial flower decorations are available to match most colors you might like to use.

    Roses in fall colors, like orange and yellow, are also a nice addition to a Thanksgiving centerpiece. To add texture and height, use the seed heads of flowers like purple cone flower, berry branches, and foliage plants like dusty miller. Artificial flowers can be used as well, and add color to a design that uses lots of dried berries, seeds, and foliage plants. For a scented arrangement, you can use herbs like sage, thyme and rosemary as the foliage.

  • Fall Harvest Decorating

    With autumn in full swing and Thanksgiving on the way, harvest decorations are a great way to celebrate the season. In-season produce, like pumpkins, instantly gives entryways and rooms a fall harvest make-over. Autumn wreaths look lovely hung on doors, and make a fun DIY project using harvest-theme items like wheat paired with little insect decorations. Other ideas for bringing the fall season indoors include tree branches, nuts, and berries.

    Flower Arranging with Butterflies and Bugs


    Pumpkins Everywhere

    Pumpkins are probably the most recognizable harvest items. They are a versatile decoration, and you can often use them in pies after you're done displaying them around your home. Harvest décor is typically used to create a rustic look, and pumpkins pair well with weathered wood, corn husks, and other in-season items like apples, nuts, and gourds.

    For a more elegant look, choose white pumpkins. One way to display them is to fill a bell-jar or cloche with mini white pumpkins to create a classic centerpiece. White pumpkins also look nice displayed with moss or lovely little dragonfly decorations. Butterfly decorations work well, too. These are available in tiny 1- to 3-inch sizes for perching on pumpkins or other decorations, and larger sizes that range from 5 by 4 inches to 18 by 11 inches. The larger dragonflies and butterflies can be attached to walls, ceilings, or furniture.

    Fall Wreaths

    It's fun and easy to make a harvest-themed wreath to hang on the door using pre-made wreath frames. Several different bases are available. Wire frames are designed for weaving branches through or tucking in bunches of leaves. They work well as a base for bunches of wheat or wreaths made with cut branches or vines. They can also be re-used in the winter for use with evergreen branches.

    Vine wreaths also make a nice base for harvest wreaths. They are available for purchase at craft stores, and work well for attaching miniature pumpkins, clusters of flowers, or cute bumblebee decorations. Styrofoam wreaths can also be used as a base if wrapped in ribbon or covered with wired decorations like pine cones, seed pods, or acorns.

    Decorated Branches

    Tree branches are natural items that are easy to use in both indoor and outdoor harvest decorations. Some have interesting shapes, such as corkscrew hazelnut or Harry Lauder's walking stick, and others, including birch trees, have attractive bark. Branches with autumn leaves or berries on them look lovely, but keep in mind that the leaves will fade and fall off.

    Cutting leaf shapes out of colored paper and attaching them to the branches is one way to keep the harvest look in place without the mess of falling natural leaves. Mini decorations, such as tiny ladybugs, can also be wired to tree branches. These branches can be re-used as the seasons change by switching from paper leaves to Christmas ornaments or snowflakes.

  • Decorating Playrooms

    Devoting part of your house to a playroom is a great way to give your kids a safe place to play, and help keep toys from cluttering up the entire house. Bright colors and cheerful decorations, like the insects and flowers from Bugs-n-Blooms, make this space inviting and fun. Many ideas for a playroom can also be used in a child's bedroom, so even if you don't have an extra room in your house, these tips work well for decorating a combined bedroom/playroom.


    Playroom Tips

    Playrooms see a great deal of use, and should be designed to handle bumps, spills, and other every-day accidents that accompany children's play. Using carpet squares on the floor, for example, provides a soft play surface, but also allows for individual squares to be swapped out or moved to an out-of-the-way location if they get stained.

    Playroom designs must also keep safety in mind. For younger children, keep outlets covered, and be sure they can't reach corded blinds. Attach cabinets, dressers, and shelves to the wall to keep them from falling over if kids try to climb on them. Soft storage bins, which are less likely to injure a child if they are tipped over or pulled off a shelf, can also be a good idea.

    If you're combining a playroom and bedroom, consider using a loft bed to save space. Loft beds lift the bed off the floor and create more room for storage, and work well for children who would be old enough to sleep on the top bunk of a bunk-bed.

    Decorating Ideas

    The decorating ideas for a child's playroom and bedroom often overlap. Soft, comfortable seating areas can double as beds, or the beds can be incorporated into the room decoration. To create a fairy tale setting or a jungle paradise, use artificial fabric vines to twine up the bedposts. This looks really good on a loft bed, since the higher bed posts provide more room for vines. Adding a few butterflies and flower decorations just makes it even more magical.

    Wall murals are a lovely addition to a playroom. These are often painted, but a less-permanent method of decorating the walls is using wall stickers. The vinyl stickers from Bugs-n-Blooms attach to smooth, dry surfaces and can be pealed off and re-positioned without damaging most surfaces. Butterfly, flower, ladybug, dragonfly, and bee decals look lovely by themselves or as part of a painted mural. Alphabet and number stickers come in a variety of styles, including sports themes and nature letters that match the hanging decorations.

    Hanging Decorations

    The hanging decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms are soft and brightly colored, making them the perfect choice when decorating a playroom. All the hanging decorations are made of nylon fabric stretched over a bendable wire frame. They range in size from a 1-inch mini butterfly, to the extra-large 18-inch butterflies and dragonflies.

    These decorations can be hung from the ceiling or wall using the included fishing line and hoop. The hoop is removable if you have a different idea for hanging the decorations. Our decorations can also be attached to furniture. Bugs-n-Blooms also offers ceiling mobiles that match the wall stickers and hanging decorations. These mobiles each measure 24 inches long, and look lovely hanging in a playroom.

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