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Bug-n-Blooms's Butterfly Life

Hanging nylon butterfly decorations are perfect for girls nursery or bedroom walls and ceiling. Our decor is great for weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. Specializing in artificial butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, flowers and bees for a garden themed room. Adorable butterfly wings, tutu skirts, butterfly costumes and fairy wings are adorable for any little princess.

  • Summer Baby Shower Decorating


    Parties during the hot summer can be great fun, but finding time to come up with a theme and plan the party might be difficult when you're the hostess. If you're planning a summer baby shower, we have a few theme ideas and suggestions to help you get started using Bugs-n-Blooms decorations.

    Sunshine Safari Theme

    butterfly bedroom

    A safari or jungle theme is an adorable idea for a baby shower, and it will work whether the mother is expecting a little boy or a girl. Cute baby jungle animals are popular enough that it is easy to find little animal decorations, paper products printed with jungle patterns, and jungle party favors. Themed foods for the party can include zebra-striped cakes, a variety of fresh fruit, and cookies shaped like jungle animals.

    Butterflies from Bugs-n-Blooms make a nice addition to jungle theme parties. Hanging butterflies range in size from 1-inch minis to x-large butterflies that measure 18 by 11 inches. The smallest butterflies can be used to decorate cards or packages, slightly larger sizes work well for decorating chairs and tables, and all sizes can be attached to walls and ceilings.

    Cheerful Colors for Decorating

    Garden Themed Bedroom DecorationsBright colors make a good foundation for summer theme parties. Flower decorations are available in a wide range of colors which will complement several different themes. For example, daisy flowers work well for a cottage garden theme. For a topical look, go with pink, orange, yellow, and green colors.

    Cheery yellow bumblebee decorations also pair well with bright blooms. This theme can be unisex, and it also works for a “Mommy to BEE” who wants to be surprised by whether the baby is a boy or girl. Bee mobiles, like other mobiles from Bugs-n-Blooms, work well as decorations and also make a nice gift that the expecting mother can use to decorate the baby's nursery.

    Fun Food Themeshanging pink brown ladybug decorations

    For a theme to relieve summer heat, ice cream or a Popsicles might be the way to go. Choosing an ice cream social as the party theme could be old-fashioned with home-made ice cream, or modern with a sundae bar where guests can choose different ice creams and toppings. Popsicle themes are casual and fun, and the colorful treats pair well with equally colorful decorations.

    A cool summer drink can be the basis of a theme, too, such as a pink lemonade shower. This theme would be perfect for a mother expecting a baby girl. Most of Bugs-n-Blooms' decorations are available in either light or dark pink, including butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, and ladybugs.

    Beautiful Beach Decor

    Sunroom Decorations: Butterflies, Bumble Bees, FlowersBeach themes are also popular for summer parties, and can be easily adapted for baby showers. Brightly colored sun and cloud wall stickers work well for decorating indoors and supplementing other beach-theme decorations. A slight variation on this would be a nautical theme with blue and green tones that would be perfect for a baby boy's shower.

    Dragonflies make a good addition to this type of theme, since they are often seen near water. Bugs-n-Blooms offers hanging dragonfly decorations, wall stickers, mobiles, and curtain tie-backs in several different styles. The wide range of colors includes blue and greens if you want to stick with those tones, or you can add bright colors like pinks and oranges as well.

  • Butterfly Bridal Shower Ideas

    Pretty butterflies make an excellent bridal shower theme. Butterfly decorations are very versatile, available in a wide range of colors and styles that pair equally well with an elegant dinner or a more casual theme. Another advantages to choosing a butterfly theme is that there is a lot of material available to work with, including butterfly themed stationary, paper products, and decorations like the ones from Bugs-n-Blooms.

    Butterfly Decorations Shimmer Butterflies


    Butterfly stationary and printables are available online and work well when selecting invitations for a butterfly bridal shower. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can add some 3-D butterfly embellishments like petite butterfly decorations. This is Bugs-n-Blooms smallest decoration, measuring 1-inch by 1-inch. They come in a 12-piece set with two each of the colors pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, and white.

    If you're making the invitations yourself, butterfly themed phrases like “Flutter on on by and join us” or “we're fluttering with excitement waiting for this wedding” work well. You can also use a short butterfly poem, such as the one Party Invites recommends for a birthday party:

    I saw a butterfly, way up in the sky
    With beautiful wings, it flew right by
    It’s coming to a party on the 14th of May
    Please come join us on my special day.

    Decorations Types of Decorations: Hanging Nylon Butterflies

    Larger butterfly decorations are designed for hanging on walls. They can also be used on furniture like chairs and tables, depending on the size. The extra-large butterfly decorations measure 18-inches by 11-inches. Large and medium sizes measure 13-inches by 8-inches and 10-inches by 6-inches. These are perfect for hanging on walls or from the ceiling, and include a hoop and fishing line to make it easy to hang them from a glue dot, tack, hooks, nail, or screw eyes. For more information, read our “How To Hang” article, which covers attaching butterflies to walls and various methods for suspending them from the ceiling.

    Most of the butterfly decorations come in smaller sizes as well, either a 5-inch by 4-inch size or a 7-inch by 5-inch size. These work well attached to chairs or used as table decorations set on the tables by themselves or nestled in among flower petals. Mini butterflies also work as table decorations for attaching to cake stands, flower arrangements, and other serving items.


    For most kinds of party favors, the packaging can be dressed-up with the inclusion of a small butterfly. They can easily be wired or tied around bags and packages, like one party planner did in her rustic butterfly bridal shower. Two butterflies from Bugs-n-Blooms work particularly well for this. Glitter mini butterflies and Bead mini butterflies each measure 2-inches by 2-inches. They are both available in light pink, dark pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange, brown, white or a set of assorted colors. Each set includes 6 butterflies. For slightly larger favors, the 3-inch by 3-inch Crystal wire butterflies can be used. These are sold in a 3-piece set.

  • Decorations for Outdoor Parties

    Summer is a great time for getting together with friends, as well as a popular season for weddings, graduations, and other kinds of parties. With so much beautiful sunshine luring guests outside, it makes sense to decorate both indoors and out when hosting a party during the summer and on into early fall. In addition to the decorations, ideas for hosting a garden party include providing tables and chairs for outdoor dining, setting up a few lawn games, and having a drink station stocked with water and lemonaid so your gets don't get too thirsty in the heat.

    Butterfly Flower Party Favors

    Fabric Decorations

    Bugs-n-Blooms hanging decorations are made of nylon fabric stretched over a flexible wire frame. This makes them a good choice for decorating outdoors. They are better able than paper decorations to withstand a little wind and rain, and look lovely fluttering in a gentle breeze.

    As long at the weather doesn't get strong enough to tear the fabric or twist the wire, nylon decorations will dry out just fine after a light rain shower. This also makes them a good choice for decorating around a pool, since a few splashes won't hurt them.

    Garden Party

    Since our decorations mimic natural shapes of bugs and flowers, they fit perfectly in a garden setting. All but the very smallest decorations come with fishing line and an attached hoop for easy hanging. Dragonfly and butterfly decorations look lovely attached to trees, nestled in among ferns and other leafy plants, and hung from a fence or trellis.

    If the party is going into the evening, lighting is another important aspect of decorating a garden party. For lights without an open flame, mini butterfly and mini dragonfly decorations can be attached to a part of the light fixture that stays cool. Solar lights and flame-less batter-powered tea lights are a good choice for adding mini decorations.

    Flowers and More

    For locations without an abundance of natural flowers and greenery, flower decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms make a nice addition. These flowers come in a wide range of sizes: 2-inch minis, 4-inch minis, 6-inch small, 8-inch medium, 10-inch medium, and 16-inch x-large. The specific size available depends on the style of decoration. Available colors include pinks, purple, blue, green, yellow, white, brown, and combinations of two or more colors.

    Hanging decorations are not the only Bugs-n-Blooms designs that work well in an outdoor setting. Curtain tie-backs can be attached to posts and poles, including supports for tents and other canopies. These have a flower, bee, ladybug, dragonfly, or butterfly decoration attached to ribbons that will flutter in the breeze. Depending on the style, they hung using attached wire or ribbon ties.

    Hanging mobiles are also good for decorating an outdoor party. Each mobile is composed of five small decorations. Some designs include the same style of decoration in five different colors, like the painted flower mobile. In other designs, like the shimmer ladybug mobile, all the decorations match. The multi-layer mobile is a design that uses one each of flower, bee, ladybug, dragonfly, and butterfly decorations that complement each other.

  • Bumble Bee Decorations and Decor

    With a cheerful painted smile on their little faces, Smiling and Hailey bees add a friendly touch to decorations for a room or party. The yellow bee decorations are unisex, and can be used as part of the decorations for a boy's or girl's nursery. This also makes bees a nice choice when hosting a baby shower for a mother who does not know whether she'll be having a boy or a girl. Bees are available from Bugs-n-Blooms as hanging decorations, mini bees, curtain tie-backs, mobiles, and wall stickers.

    Brighten the Winter with Bumble Bees

    Smiling Bees

    Hanging smiling bee decorations come in three different colors – yellow, purple, and pink – with hand-painted black stripes on the bodies. The wings are white with clear sequins, and the bees have cute little antenna. Like Bugs-n-Blooms' other hanging decorations, smiling bees are made from a soft wire frame covered with nylon fabric. Hanging decorations come in two sizes: small bees measuring 5 inches wide by 4 inches high and medium bees measuring 10 inches wide by 6 inches high. Mini bees are available the same colors and measure 2 by 2 inches. They are sold in sets of six.

    Only available in yellow, the smiling bee curtain tie-backs and mobile are a great addition to bee-themed room decorations. The bees on the curtain tie-backs measure 5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Each curtain tie-back has thick organza ribbon to tie around the curtain and trail from the bees. The mobile measures 11 inches wide by 24 inches high, with five small bee decorations.

    Hailey Bees

    Hailey bees come in a wider variety of colors than the smiling bees. Two of these colors are only available as small and medium hanging decorations. One has a soft pink body with darker stripes and brown wings, and the other has a pale pink body with purple wings and stripes. The two other colors are available as both hanging decorations and curtain tie-backs. One of these has a light green body with dark pink stripes and pink wings. The other has pale yellow wings and a yellow body with black stripes. Mini Hailey bees are only available in the color yellow. They measure 3 by 3 inches and come in sets of three.

    All Hailey bee designs have flower-shaped sequins on the wings. Like the Smiling bee decorations, the Hailey curtain tie-backs have color-matched ribbons trailing from the bees and to tie around the curtains. The decorations on the tie-backs measure 5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Hailey bees also feature on a Hailey mobile that has one each of a butterfly, dragonfly, flower, ladybug, and bee decorations. These come in pink and purple or brown and pink colors.

    Bumblebee Stickers

    There are several styles of bee-themed wall stickers available, and all are designed to match the smiling bee decorations. Like other Bugs-n-Bloom wall stickers, they are made of vinyl and can be affixed to most clean, flat surfaces. Stickers can also be pealed off and reused or repositioned.

    Bee wall letters come in either pink or yellow and can be used to spell out a child's name or initials on the wall. They go well with the yellow bee-shaped stickers, which measure 5 inches wide by 4 inches high, and bee scroll stickers that measure 10 inches wide by 3 inches high. Also available is a quote sticker which reads, “I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee ... Won't my mommy be so proud of me!” This sticker will match the Hailey decorations as well as the smiling bee decorations. It measures 14 inches wide by 7 inches high.

  • Summer Bug Costumes for Kids

    Make summer events more fun for girls by giving them a beautiful bumblebee, butterfly, or ladybug costume from Bugs-n-Blooms. These costumes are perfect for everything from birthdays, to tea parties, to everyday play, and fit a wide age- and size-range. All tulle skirts are one-size that fits ages 2 to 8 years, or approximate sizes 2T to 10/12. The costume wings are made of nylon fabric over a wire frame, and exact sizes vary by style.

    Bumblebee Planning A Ladybug Birthday Party

    The bumblebee costume set consists of a sparkling yellow tutu skirt with star-shaped sequins, a black flower headband, a smiling bee fairy wand, and your choice of yellow bee wings in large or extra large. Large wings measure 14-inches wide by 9 1/2-inches high. Extra large wings measure 18-inches wide by 11 1/2- inches high.

    The yellow colors of the wings, skirt, and wand are bright and cheerful – perfect for a little girl. Like other costumes, these are good for every-day dress up or can be used for a specific event.  Bee costumes work well for a summer party, or for a toddler's photography session.

    butterfly costumeButterfly

    There are six different styles of butterfly wings available, and each can be purchased as part of a matched costume set. These sets include wings, tutu skirt, headband, and wand all selected so the colors complement each other. Available colors include purple, pink, and green.

    More variety is available if you mix-and-match wings and other accessories yourself. For example, only white and purple Gerbera wings are available as part of a set, but you can purchase pink and green wings separately. Swirls, Layered, Star, and Princess wings also have colors that are only available separately.

    These butterfly wings can be matched to a variety of tutu skirts, or used as an accessory with a different costume like a fairy princess dress or an outfit for dance recitals. Soft elastic arm straps mean that the wings will fit over most outfits, and can be used by toddlers, children, youth, and smaller adults and teens.

    Ladybug Dress Up & Playtime


    Ladybug costumes are available in either red or pink. The red costume set includes wings, a ladybug wand, a white headband with a red flower, and a black and red tutu skirt in one convenient package. For a pink set, the wings can be purchased separately and matched with a pink tutu skirt and flowered headband. These wings measure 14-inches wide by 13-inches high. Ladybug wands are only available in red.

    Dressing up your child in these “cute as a bug” costumes is fun for them, encouraging imaginative play and making events extra special. The costumes are designed to last, and can be used as dress-up clothes even after the specific event they were purchased for has passed.

  • Planning Summer Wedding Themes

    If you're planning a summer wedding and still haven't decided on the decorations, look no further than Bugs-n-Blooms. Flower, butterfly, and dragonfly decorations work with a variety of wedding colors and themes. Whether your summer wedding is outdoors or inside, laid-back or formal, these pretty decorations will brighten the space and help make your special day perfect.

    Garden Themed Bedroom Decorations

    Cheerful Colors

    Color combinations for a summer wedding are as varied as the brides who choose them. Popular summer colors often include tropical tones, pinks and greens, bright blue and white, or pale colors such as cool gray. Whatever colors you choose, flower, butterfly, and dragonfly decorations come in a range of hues that will work with most wedding colors.

    Available colors for Bugs-n-Blooms decorations include dark pink, light pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, brown, and a combination of two or more colors. Decorations like the multi-layered hanging butterfly layer a colored wing over a white wing, which makes them a good choice for a wedding with a pale color scheme. Others, like the swirls flower decorations, are a single, bright color. Rainbow dragonflies blend several bold colors.

    Beautiful Blooms

    Fresh flowers abound at the typical summer wedding, but for bright blooms that don't fade flower decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms can be an economical alternative for at least some of the flowers at your wedding. The smaller flower decorations can also be used as hair or clothing accessories that won't wilt or stain like a fresh flower might.

    Flowered curtain tiebacks are perfect for decorating a pillar or tent post for an outdoor wedding, tying to chairs along an aisle, or decorating seating at the reception. Matching hanging flower decorations come in a range of sizes from 2-inch mini decorations to extra-large flowers that are 16 inches in diameter. One of the designs that is available in several sizes is the Hailey flowers, which layer multiple colors. For example, this design is available in a pink and gray style for weddings using cool gray colors.

    Festive Fliers

    Dragonfly and butterfly decorations make a perfect compliment to a summer theme wedding. Like the flowers, they come in a variety of sizes, from the 1-inch petite butterflies to the extra-large styles with an 18-inch wingspan. See our size chart for more information about sizes available in each style of decoration.

    For a coordinated decorating scheme, there are several styles of butterfly and dragonfly designs that match each other. These include multicolored triple-layer butterflies and dragonflies, and shimmer dragonflies and butterflies. Several of these designs are also available as mobiles, which can be used as hanging decorations on a wedding arch or hung from the roof of a tent of reception hall. Several styles of matching flowers are also available.

  • Patriotic Butterflies

    If you'd rather not festoon your home with bright red and blue colors and star spangled decorations for the 4th of July, the softer butterfly decorations from Bugs-n-Bloom make a nice alternative. Butterflies are a great summer time decoration, and pairing white and blue butterflies with other red decorations gives them a patriotic feel as well.

    butterfly decor

    Homes and Parties

    Butterfly decorations fit in well with more subtle Independence Day decorations and are a perfect fit for patriotic indoor decorating. Butterflies work with a wide variety of themes. A cottage-style kitchen and dining area with red and white checked curtains, for example, is the perfect fit for a few blue butterflies perched on counters or hung on walls. In a more formal design, sparkling white butterflies lend a tough of elegance to red or blue decorations.

    July 4th parties are also a good place to use butterfly decorations. Butterfly decorations are sturdy enough to be used outside as long as the weather stays nice and look lovely fluttering in a soft breeze. The hanging butterflies can be attached to walls, fences, and the support posts of tents and patios.

    Red, White, and Blue

    Most of Bugs-n-Blooms' butterflies are available in blue, including the Triple Layer, Painted, and Mikayla hanging butterfly decorations. Our blue colors are not as dark as the blue on an American flag, but they will give a softly patriotic look to your decorations when paired with white and red colors.

    Several butterfly decorations are available in white, including the Twinkle, Sparkle, and Ribbons butterflies. Like other butterfly decorations, these all have sparkly sequins on the wings. The Twinkle and Sparkle designs have beaded bodies, and the Ribbons butterfly has satin ribbons attached to a soft body. Multi-layered hanging butterflies combine both blue and white with layered fabric wings.

    None of the butterfly designs are available in red, though several come in a very dark pink, like the Crystal butterfly. This might work depending on how strong you want the colors to be in your decorating. Alternately, white and blue butterflies can be paired with other red decorations such as crepe paper streamers to develop a patriotic design.

    Adding Ladybugs

    Another way to bring red into butterfly theme decorations is to pair them with ladybugs. Shimmer and Glitter ladybugs go well with butterfly decorations like the blue Shimmer butterflies. Since both butterfly and ladybug decorations are made from the same kind of nylon fabric and both are decorated with sparkles and glitter, they complement each other well. Ladybugs and butterflies also work well as decorations for summer, so you can leave them up long past Independence Day without having your décor look out-dated.

  • Butterfly Graduation Party Themes

    What better way to celebrate graduation from high school or college than with a party where all the student's friends and family are invited? If you're planning a graduation party this year, butterfly decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms can be the perfect compliment to a “Take Flight” theme. Butterfly graduation parties are a particularly good choice for young women, who are more likely to enjoy the delicate colors and sparkling decorations.

    “Take Flight” Theme Flower Arranging with Butterflies and Bugs

    The life cycle of a butterfly as it develops from a caterpillar into a beautiful flying insect is an apt metaphor for how a child grows up, goes through school, and finally graduates and takes their place in the adult world. A “Take Flight” theme emphasizes change in the graduate's life, and promises hope for the future.

    Butterfly symbolism varies in different cultures, but they are most often seen as symbols of rebirth and change, hope, and good luck. All these ideas fit in well with a graduation party, and can be used in printed banners, invitations, and thank-you cards for after the party. If making the invitations or cards yourself, petite mini butterfly decorations measure 1-inch and can be used in paper crafting projects.

    Dance Studio Decor

    Butterfly Decorations

    A metamorphosis theme can be emphasized using butterfly decorations at the graduation party, such as the wall quote sticker that reads, “"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” This sticker measures 14 inches wide by 7 inches high, and can be affixed to any clean, flat surface.

    Hanging 3-D butterfly decorations can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, awards displays, serving tables, and sitting areas. There are many designs available, in various colors. Some, like the crystal hanging butterflies, come in bright colors including green, pink, purple, orange and blue. Others designs have more muted colors or combine several different colors, such as the triple layered butterflies and the Hailey butterflies.

    Butterfly curtain tiebacks are available to match five of the hanging butterfly designs. These can be used to tie back curtains indoors, to decorate the posts of a tent set-up outside, or tied around chairs in the seating area. Curtain tiebacks come in sets of two, and consist of a butterfly decoration attached to ribbons which trail from the butterfly. Outdoors, the ribbons would look pretty waving in the breeze.

    Themed Food

    Once decorations are taken care of and invitations sent, one of the most important things to think about it what to serve the guests. Deserts are probably the easiest item to make butterfly-themed. If you ask the baker when ordering your graduation cake, they will likely be able to add some kind of butterfly design to the frosting or fondant decorations.

    Butterfly shaped cookies may be available for purchase as well, or you can easily make your own using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter. Butterflies can also be added to the tops of cupcakes, either as fondant decorations or using pretzels to make the wings. With butterfly decorations and treats, you'll have a good start on putting together a lovely graduation party to celebrate your student “taking flight” into their post-school life.

  • Decorating With Quote Wall Stickers

    Walls are one of the largest areas available to decorate in a room. For dressing-up the walls in a child's nursery, bedroom, or playroom, Bugs-n-Bloom offers a variety of hanging decorations including quote stickers. These colorful and attractive vinyl stickers all measure 14-inches by 7-inches. They are designed to coordinate with Bugs-n-Bloom's other butterfly, bug, and sports

    theme decorations.

    Bumblebee Decor


    Three of the quote sticker styles available are printed with short quotations. They are decorated with a scroll-edge frame and butterfly and flower images that match wall-hanging decorations. The butterfly kisses sticker reads, “Butterfly kisses and flower petal wishes" and matches the shimmer butterfly decorations. Hailey butterflies match the decorations on the caterpillar sticker which reads, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

    Another sticker with a welcome wish for baby reads, "May you touch dragonflies & stars, dance with fairies & talk to the moon. May you grow up with love & gracious hearts & people who care. Welcome to the world little one, it's been waiting for you!" The decorations on this sticker match the multi-layer dragonflies, which are available as wall hangings, curtain tiebacks, and a mobile.

    Dragonfly Decorations


    Other quote stickers feature short poems. One cute poem to wish baby a good night's sleep reads, "With a butterfly kiss, and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug!" The pictures on this sticker match triple layer butterfly and glitter ladybug decorations. Another ladybug poem quote sticker reads, "Ladybugs all dressed in red, waltzing through the flower beds ... If I were little just like you, I'd dance among the flowers too!" This one matches the shimmer ladybug decorations.

    The baby bumblebee sticker takes it's text from the children's song about catching a baby bumblebee and bringing it home. The sticker reads, "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee ... Wont my mommy be so proud of me!" This sticker matches wall hangings, mobiles, and curtain tieback bee decorations for both smiling bumblebee and Hailey bumblebee styles.


    Boy's Sports Bedroom Theme

    For decorating a boy's nursery or the room of a boy or girl who loves sports, sport-theme stickers are available for basketballsoccer, football, and baseball. They are the same size as the quote stickers, and feature the name of the sport and a picture of the ball on a weathered wood-grain background. These stickers match sports theme alphabet and numbers stickers for customized decorating. Like all Bugs-n-Bloom stickers, sports theme stickers are removable and can be repositioned and reused.

  • Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    There are a wide range of options when decorating a bedroom for a young boy. For boys who enjoy the outdoors, a woodland theme with bugs or a wetlands theme with frogs and dragonflies is a good choice. If you want a room that is easy to redecorate and update as your son grows up, a neutral color pallet is a good place to start. For a boy who loves sports, you might like a theme that incorporates one or more of his favorites.

    bug decorations

    Frogs and Bugs

    An outdoorsy theme is a good choice for boys who enjoy camping, catching frogs and bugs, or just being outside. This theme lends itself well to blue, brown and green colors to suggest a wetlands and amphibian theme or a woodland look. Painted murals, themed bedding, pillows, and wall decorations are all useful for creating a bug-themed bedroom.

    Ladybug wall letters can be used to spell out your child's name for a bug or forest theme. For a theme that revolves around water, dragonfly letters are a good choice. Matching dragonfly and ladybug decorations are also available. These include 3-D wall hangings, curtain tiebacks, and mobiles for a baby's nursery. The decorations come in a wide range of colors, including browns, blues, and greens, to match most decorating themes.

    Accented Neutrals

    Rather than plan on re-decorating the bedroom completely as your child grows and his tastes change, one option is to go with a neutral color palate in the walls, flooring, and furniture. Then, all that will need changed are accents like curtains, pillows, and decorations to give the room a completely new look.

    Bugs-n-Blooms wall decorations are all easy to remove for repositioning or replacement, making them ideal for a room like this. A bedroom with yellow or red accents for a toddler can be updated by pealing off the ladybug or bumblebee wall stickers and replacing them with sports-themed letters to match your boy's changing interests.

    Boy's Sports Bedroom ThemeSports Theme

    For a boy who loves sports, Bugs-n-Blooms offers sports theme wall stickers for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. These include wall letters for spelling out your son's name, ball-shaped decals without letters on them, and stickers 14-inches wide by 7-inches high that say “basketball,” “baseball,” “football,” or “soccer.” Like the other vinyl stickers, sports decals are easy to place, removable, and reusable.

    Sports theme bedrooms can be part of a neutral theme, added as your child's interests change, or sports can be the focus of the entire design. For example, a football themed bedroom might have green carpet with yard lines painted on the floor. A baseball theme might feature bats, balls, and jerseys as decorations.

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