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Butterfly Decorations : Butterfly Wings : Nursery Decorating Ideas : Home Wedding Decor - Bugs-n-Blooms

Hanging nylon butterfly decorations are perfect for girls nursery or bedroom walls and ceiling. Our decor is great for weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. Specializing in artificial butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, flowers and bees for a garden themed room. Adorable butterfly wings, tutu skirts, butterfly costumes and fairy wings are adorable for any little princess.

  • Decorating for Easter

    Easter decorations for the home typically involve dyed eggs, pastel colors, spring themes, bunny rabbits, and cute baby animals. Flower and butterfly decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms fit very well with these decorations. The wide variety of colors in the different styles of decorations can match any Easter decorating scheme.

    Butterfly WreathsButterfly Decorations for Easter

    Decorating ideas for Easter and spring themes often include wreaths. Handmade wreaths can be used to decorate a door, hang over a mantlepiece, or used as a wall decoration. To make the creation of a wreath easy, bases made of grape vine, straw, wire, or foam can be purchased at a local craft store.

    Foam or straw wreaths can be wrapped in fabric or ribbon to provide a colorful base. Wire frames could be covered with moss, woven through with small twigs, or completely covered in a decoration such as butterflies or plastic eggs. Moss can also be used on grapevine wreaths, though leaving some of the vines visible often creates a nice, rustic effect.

    Bugs-n-Blooms butterflies are available in a variety of bright and pastel colors for decorating a spring wreath. The decorations come in a variety of sizes. Small butterflies, which measure 7- by 5-inches or 5- by 4-inches depending on the style, would work well as a focal point on a wreath. Mini butterflies measuring 1-inch, 2-inches, or 3-inches would work well as accents for other decorations, such as a tiny plush Easter bunny.

    Spring Bulbs

    Several varieties of spring bulbs can be planted in pots and encouraged to bloom early indoors. This is known as forcing. The easiest bulbs to force are small daffodils, hyacinth, and crocus. Larger daffodils, tulips, and dutch iris can also be forced.

    Forcing spring bulbs starts with a chilling period. Bulbs sold as “pre-chilled” can be potted up immediately. Otherwise, the bulbs need to be kept at a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 to 15 weeks, depending on the bulb variety. Paperwhite daffodils and amaryllis do not require chilling. Bulbs will flower within 2 to 3 weeks after chilling and potting up.

    After chilling, the bulbs can be planted in pots filled with commercially available potting mix. Plant several bulbs in the same pot, close but not touching, and cover with soil until the tops of the bulbs are just visible. To add a little extra color, pots for forced bulbs can be decorated with with Bugs-n-Blooms decorations. Mini bumblebees, dragonflies, and ladybugs can all be glued to a flower pot.

    Flower Decorations for EasterFlowers and Eggs

    The iconic Easter egg can be dressed-up with a little help from Bugs-n-Blooms decorations. The smallest mini butterflies could be pasted directly onto an Easter egg. Easter eggs could also be painted with flower designs, and then arranged as decorations with artificial flowers that complement the painted flowers. For easier decorating, flower stickers can be used on the dyed eggs.

    Bugs-n-Blooms flower decorations pair nicely with Easter eggs to decorate a shelf, hall table, or mantlepiece. These flowers come in a variety of sizes, from extra-large flowers for hanging on a wall, to small flowers that can be used in a décor vignette.

  • Cute Easter Costumes

    When considering dress-up ideas for Easter, an adorable alternative to bunny costumes and religious outfits for little girls is a spring-theme butterfly, bug, or fairy costume. Bugs-n-Blooms costume accessories include wings, tutu skirts, fairy wands, and flower headbands. All these costumes come in a wide range of colors, and would work well for an Easter party or egg hunt. Dress-up wings fit toddlers, girls, youth, and teens. Tutu skirts are approximate size 2T through 10/12, and are recommended for ages 2 to 10 years.

    Beautiful Butterflies

    Butterfly Easter CostumeButterfly wings make a lovely addition to a little girl's costume for Easter. Layered dress-up wings and swirls butterfly wings are both decorated with sequins and have a shiny heart decoration in the center. The wings are made from nylon fabric stretched over a soft wire frame. The layered wings have an extra sequined wing layered over each side. Both styles of wings are available in pink, green, and purple. Swirls wings are also available in white.

    These butterfly wings are designed to coordinate with tutu skirts. The pink, purple, and green rainbow butterflies tutu skirt has layers of color in the skirt to match all four colors offered in the swirls and layered dress-up wings. This tutu skirts also has tiny butterfly appliqués attached to the skirt. To complete an outfit, headbands are also available in matching colors.

    Cute as a Bug

    Another adorable costume set for Easter is the bumblebee costume. The entire costume can be purchased as a four-piece set that Bumblebee Easter Costumeincludes bee wings, a yellow tutu skirt, a yellow bee wand, and a black polka-dot headband. Unlike the other costume wings, which come in only one size, bee wings are available in medium or large. Medium measures 14 inches wide by 9 ½ inches high, and large measures 18 inches wide by 11 ½ inches high. If you want to put the costume set together yourself, there is also a yellow and black tutu skirt that would match a bee costume nicely.

    Like the bee costume, the ladybug costume set includes wings, a tutu skirt, red fairy wand, and a matching headband. The ladybug wings are also available individually in the color pink, which can be paired with one of the pink tutu skirts.

    Flower Fairy

    Flower Headband for EasterPutting together a flower fairy costume for Easter is easily done by pairing Gerbera fairy dress-up wings with a Gerbera tutu skirt. The wings come in a range of colors that includes pink, purple, or green wings with a white flower, and rainbow colored or white wings with a pink flower. The pink wings are a good match for the pink tutu skirt with a white flower, while the rainbow wings pair nicely with the purple and pink skirt. A bright pink tutu skirt trimmed with zebra print ribbon is one option for matching the bright pink flower on white Gerbera wings.

    Two other wings that work well for a fairy costume are the star fairy dress-up wings and princess fairy wings. The star wings are decorated with sparkling star designs and a fluff of feathers at the center. They come in pink, purple, and green. Princess wings are multi-colored with mixes of white and/or purple and pink. Matching fairy wands are available for several of these wing designs.

  • Dragonfly Themed Weddings

    Dragonflies are an unusual wedding theme, though they are becoming more popular with brides. If you're looking for something a little different, they can be perfect for a spring wedding. The symbolism of dragonflies in myth and world culture includes intrigue, power and poise, hope, and a focus on living in the moment. Dragonfly wedding decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms are a wonderful way to capture this sense of hope, and well fit with a spring theme when decorating for a wedding.

    Hanging DragonfliesDragonfly Themed Weddings

    The hanging nylon dragonfly decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms come in several sizes and a wide range of colors for dragonfly themed weddings. These decorations also make a nice addition to the décor for a wedding hall or reception area when planning a spring or nature themed wedding.

    Ten different designs for dragonfly decorations are available. Some designs are a single color, such as the jewel hanging dragonflies that are available in three sizes and eight different colors. They work well attached to seats along an aisle, or used as wall decorations. Other designs combine two colors, such as the multi-layer dragonflies that have single colored wings layered over white wings. Rainbow butterflies have multi-colored wings in shades of pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and greens. They would look lovely on pillars for an outdoor pavilion.

    Mini Dragonflies

    Crystal wire dragonflies each measure 3-inches by 3-inches. To add dragonflies to the wedding party's accessories, these small dragonfly decorations can be attached to hair accessories or used in bouquets and boutonnieres. When attached to floral wire, small dragonflies can be easily incorporated into wedding flowers if you ask your florist ahead of time.

    Mini dragonflies can also be used to decorate cakes or wedding favors. Petite glitter dragonflies come in sets of 6, and each measure 2-inches by 2-inches. These tiny dragonflies can be used as cake decorations, to be removed before eating, or  to decorate little bags or boxes for wedding favors. They could also be used as small table decorations.

    Dragonfly Curtain Tieback DecorCurtain Tie-Backs and Mobiles

    Though dragonfly curtain tiebacks and mobiles might seem more suitable for a nursery, they can also be used to good effect as wedding decorations. For example, the curtain tie-backs with dragonfly decorations and trailing ribbons could be attached to chairs for the wedding party.

    Dragonfly mobiles are perfect as hanging decorations. Each mobile measures 11-inches by 24-inches, and includes five dragonfly decorations. They can be hung from ceilings or rafter beams in a hall, or used to add dragonflies to a wedding arch. Each mobile includes pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow dragonflies. This combination of colors works well with a theme that includes a variety of spring tones.

  • Butterfly and Flower Party Favors

    Butterfly Flower Party Favors

    Giving out bags of cheap trinkets as party favors for children is fast falling out of favor with parents. Why clutter up another person's home with toys that will get broken and disappear under the couch within a matter of days? On the other hand, the practice of giving out party favors is well established, and you might be looking for an attractive alternative to bags of candy or cheap toys. Bugs-n-Blooms offers several items that complement a variety of party themes, and are made to be both long-lasting and useful. These items, including fairy wands and hair accessories, make excellent party favors.

    Fairy Wands

    Bugs-n-Bloom offers six styles of fairy wands – four butterflies, a bee, and a ladybug. Each wand design consists of a cute nylon decoration perched atop a 12-inch ribbon-wrapped handle, with ribbon streamers trailing from the decoration. They are designed for toddlers, children, and youth.

    The butterfly wands have a 5-inch by 4-inch butterfly decoration attached to their handles. The multi-layer, shimmer, and sequined designs are available in pink, purple, or green. Marabou feathered butterfly wands come in pink, dark pink, or purple. Red ladybugs measure 4-inches by 3-inches, and yellow bees measure 5-inches by 4-inches.

    Hair Accessories Flower Headband Party Favors

    The headbands offered by Bugs-n-Bloom come in four designs, each with a different style of 4-inch daisy flower. The headband itself is a soft and elastic crochet, and can be worn by babies, infants, toddlers, girls, youth, and teens. They are designed to coordinate with Bugs-n-Bloom's tutu skirts.

    Gerbera daisy headbands and jewel headbands come in a wide range of color combinations, including a white flower on a pink headband and an all-purple headband with flower. The Gerbera designs have a soft yellow center for the flowers. All other headbands have jeweled flower centers. For a slightly more adventurous look, zebra print headbands come in black and white or pink with zebra stripes.

    Polka dot headbands feature flowers made from polka dotted fabric, and come in five different colors. Choose from pink, purple, or green on a white headband, or from a headband that is entirely red or black. The red headbands match ladybug fairy wands quite well.

    Costume Wings

    f you would like to splurge a little on the party favors, you can add costume wings to the headbands and/or fairy wands. These butterfly, bee, and ladybug wings are perfect for dress-up and play as an insect or fairy. They can be worn during the party to match a theme, and then re-used for years as a dress-up accessory.

    There as six different styles of butterfly or fairy wings available in a wide range of colors, and they are designed to match the fairy wings and headbands. For example, Gerbera wings have a flower on the back that matches the headbands. Ladybug wings come in either red or pink, and bee wings are yellow and black to match the bee fairy wands. Each set of wings is made of nylon fabric over a soft wire frame, with elastic arm straps designed to fit toddlers, girls, youth, teens, and small adults.

  • Mini Craft Decorations

    Mini Craft Decorations

    Mini decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms aren't just for decorating rooms. These decorations, ranging in size from 1- to 3-inches, make excellent additions to several different craft projects. They can be used as scrapbook embellishments, added to floral arrangements, or made into accessories for a girl's hair. The different styles, from elegant glitter butterflies to cute smiling bumblebees, are appropriate for a wide range of ages, designs and events.


    The smallest insect decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms are tiny, 1-inch butterflies. These mini butterflies are sold in sets of 12, with two each of the colors pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, and white. They are the perfect size for use in scrapbooking projects, including card making. Each butterfly has a soft, bendable wire frame covered with nylon fabric and with a jewel body.

    Butterflies can be used in a variety of scrapbook designs. In several different cultures, butterflies are seen as signs of transformation, rebirth, and change. They are also said to bring good luck and symbolize a person's soul. Butterfly decorations can be used as simple embellishments, added to imply movement in a design with flowers, made into a border, and placed on garden-themed pages.

    Floral Arrangements  Mini Craft Supplies

    Small insect decorations can be used in many styles of floral design. For easy use, they can be wired to florist picks and placed in much the same way as flowers and other design elements. 3-inch crystal dragonflies, for example, can be used to add a cute splash of sparkling color to floral designs. To make it look as if the decoration is hovering above an arrangement, attach it to thin wire that is sturdy enough not to bend with the weight of the decoration. If the wire is thin enough, it will be barely visible.

    Small, 2-inch ladybugs and other decorations can also be attached to line elements in a floral design. Cut twigs from a bush or tree and trim off most of the leaves, then wire the decorations onto the wood so it looks as if they are perched on the stem. These twigs can be used as part of an arrangement, or gathered by themselves in a vase.

    Hair Accessories

    It is easy to make a flower hair accessory by attaching mini flower decorations to hair clips. This can be done with wire, or more easily with hot glue. For a design that looks more finished, you can cover clips with ribbon before attaching flowers. The mini flowers from Bugs-n-Blooms come in several different colors and two sizes. Mini daisy flowers come in sets of 6, and can be purchased in one of 8 colors or an assorted mix. Each measures 2-inches diameter. Mini crystal flowers measure 4-inches diameter and come in 7 different colors. The resulting hair clips are perfect for everyday wear, parties, and weddings.

  • Amazing Mobiles for Your Baby's Bedroom

    Amazing Mobiles for Your Baby's Bedroom

    When decorating a nursery, one common item to include is a mobile hanging over the crib. Colorful mobiles entertain and fascinate babies, and when hung over a crib may also help babies fall asleep. Mobiles can also be hung above a changing station to give the baby something to look at. Each Bugs-n-Blooms mobile includes fishing line and a hoop for easy handing from the ceiling, where the mobile will be kept out of the baby's reach and not present a danger of getting tangled.

    Types of Mobiles

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers butterfly, dragonfly, flower, ladybug, and bumblebee hanging mobiles. Most of these mobiles are designed on the same basic pattern and measure 11-inches wide by 24-inches high. They are made from soft, flexible wire frame hung with five nylon decorations ranging in size from 4-inches to 7-inches depending on the specific design.

    Two butterfly mobiles are available in a different design. Multi-layer spiral and shimmer spiral mobiles both hang the butterfly decorations from a hoop that matches the color of the butterflies. The mobile with multi-layer butterflies has five butterfly decorations, and the shimmer mobile has six butterflies. Each butterfly in these designs measures about 5-inches. Like the other mobiles, the overall size is 11-inches wide by 24-inches high.

    Matching Decor

    Each of the mobiles offered by Bugs-n-Blooms has matching wall decorations available. For example, the flowers on the painted daisy mobile match the 8-inch painted flower decorations. These decorations are available in five colors – pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow – to match each of the colors included on the mobile. This is true of the other mobile designs as well.

    Hailey decorations, which have wings or petals in different but complementing colors, are available in butterfly, dragonfly, flower, bee, and ladybug styles. In the Hailey mobile, all five of these decorations are brought together. The mobile is available in either pink, green, and purple or brown and pink colors and will coordinate with any of the Hailey wall decorations.

    Decorating A Nursery

    Bugs-n-Blooms mobiles work well with a variety of nursery designs. The twinkle butterfly mobile with all the butterflies in a single color will work well for designs with simple color pallets. For a garden or outdoor themed nursery, a mobile that puts a pink butterfly, purple dragonfly, green flower, yellow bee, and red ladybug together would work nicely. Dragonfly mobiles could be used in a dragonfly-themed nursery, or for decorating with a wetlands theme. The wide range of colors available in these mobiles includes pink, green, yellow, red, purple, brown, blue, and combinations of colors. A mobile can be found to fit any color scheme, and with matching decorations available you won't have to worry about tracking down complementary décor to match the theme of a room.

  • St. Patty's Day Party for Kids

    St. Patty's Day Party for Kids

    A Saint Patrick's Day party for children can be lots of fun to host and plan. Starting with green decorations, decorate the party room with shamrocks, leprechauns, and hanging insects and flowers from Bugs-n-Blooms. Party activities can include a treasure hunt for a pot of gold and eating green-colored food and snacks. As an added treat to make the party extra special for a little girl, consider giving her a green fairy costume to wear at the party.

    Green Decorations

    The perfect party for St. Patty's Day starts with green decorations. Green is the main color choice for decorations and clothing when celebrating Irish heritage and planning an Irish-themed party. Using green tableware and paper plates, setting out potted shamrock plants, and hanging green decorations are an easy way to set the scene for a party.

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers a wide variety of green decorations, ranging from a garland of green butterflies to glittering flowers with layers of green nylon petals. Other hanging nylon decorations include butterflies, dragonflies, and daisy flowers. These come in a variety of individual styles and sizes that range from 1-inch mini butterflies that can be used on craft projects, to 18- by 11-inch dragonflies for hanging on walls.


    A Saint Patrick's Day party would not be complete without some leprechauns and a pot of gold. As a fun party activity, you could organize a treasure hunt for the children with a pot full of chocolate gold coins at the end as a prize. To plan a treasure hunt, begin with creating age-appropriate clues and selecting a location for the hunt. For very young party goers, picture clues that point to places inside the house are good choice. Older children will appreciate more challenging clues, some of which might lead outside to the car, for example. The number of clues will depend on how long you want the game to last.

    Food and Snacks

    Food for a party on St. Patty's Day can be as simple or elaborate as you like. A drop or two of green food coloring will turn mashed potatoes, sugar cookies, and many drinks an Irish-themed color. More elaborate party food ideas include pot o' gold cookies with yellow candy-coated chocolate pieces in the center, emerald colored milkshakes, and shamrock macaroons.

    Don't forget to decorate the table with items like green butterflies and mini flowers. These small flowers measure 2-inches diameter and the butterflies measure 3-inches by 3-inches. They are the perfect size for attaching to a basket handle, scattering across a serving table, or perching on a cake.

    St. Patty's Day Costume

    For a little girl who loves to dress up, a green fairy costume can be the perfect gift before a Saint Patrick's Day party. This costume set includes green swirls butterfly wings, a green tutu skirt with polka dot waistband, a white headband with green flower, and a green multi-layer butterfly wand. The one-size costume fits girls ages 2 to 8, or approximate sizes 2T through 10/12.

  • Hanging Dragonfly Decorations

    Hanging Dragonfly Decorations

    Bugs-n-Blooms dragonfly decorations are made from nylon fabric over a flexible wire frame. They are shipped flat, and when unpacked can be gently twisted and bent into more life-like shapes. The dragonfly decorations come with an attached, but removable, hoop and fishing line for easy hanging. They can be hung from walls or ceilings, with extra fishing line added as needed to hold wings in place.

    Layered Dragonfly Decor

    Triple-layer dragonflies and Multi-layer dragonflies come in three sizes. Small Triple-layer dragonflies measure 7-inches by 5-inches, and small Multi-layer dragonflies measure 5-inches by 4-inches. Both styles measure 10-inches by 6-inches in medium and 13-inches by 8-inches in large. Triple-layer dragonflies have a soft cloth body, and the multi-layer dragonflies have a body made of wired crystal beads.

    Each dragonfly is embellished with sparkles and glittering sequins. The Triple-layer dragonflies are available in a wide variety of colors, including layers of three different colors on one dragonfly or dragonflies that combine different shades of pinks, purple, and green. The Multi-layer dragonflies have a colored top layer over white wings.

    Layered dragonflies make a good choice for decorating a bedroom or nursery. Dragonflies are a popular decorating theme, and dragonfly lamps, bedspreads, nursery bedding, curtains, wall decals, and other decorations can be purchased to match the theme.

    Beaded Dragonfly Decor

    In addition to Multi-layer dragonflies, there are three other dragonfly designs by Bugs-n-Blooms that have beaded bodies. Crystal, Glitter, and Sparkle dragonflies all have single-layer wings attached to a body made from crystal beads. Sparkle and Crystal dragonflies are sized like the Triple-layer dragonfly. Glitter dragonflies, like the multi-layer design, have smaller dimensions in size small.

    All three beaded dragonflies are available in pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow. Crystal and Sparkle designs are also available in dark pink and brown. The wide range of colors makes it easy to match with different room designs. Dragonflies in a bathroom, for example, work well with paint colors such as sky-blue, foliage green, and light yellow.

    Sparkling Dragonfly Decor

    Swirls and Jewel dragonflies are available in eight different colors with wings decorated with sparkles or sequins. Rainbow dragonflies have multi-colored wings and come in two different designs. One is shades of pink, green, and blue, and the other is yellow, blue, and purple with a touch of pink.

    Shimmer dragonflies are the only dragonflies from Bugs-n-Blooms available in extra-large as well as the three smaller sizes. This larger size measures 18-inches by 11 inches. Hailey dragonflies are only available in size medium, but feature unique color combinations. They are available with top wings that are pink paired with lower wings that are purple, dark pink, or brown, and also in red and black.

  • Planning A Ladybug Birthday Party

    Planning A Ladybug Birthday Party

    Ladybugs are an excellent choice when choosing a theme for a little girl's birthday party. The ladybug theme can be very versatile, and will work equally well for a first birthday, a child's birthday party, or an event for young teenagers. Ladybug decorations, themed food and activities, and ladybug costumes all contribute to an extra-special birthday party.


    There is a wide variety of ladybug decorations available, and they don't just come in the traditional red and black. In addition to red, ladybug shaped decorations also come in pink and purple for a little girl who prefers softer colors or a ladybug princess theme. These decorations can be attached to walls and ceilings, and mini ladybugs can be used to decorate furniture and food tables. Ladybug mobiles add a nice touch when hung from the ceiling.

    In addition to ladybug shaped decorations, there are other ways to add the ladybug theme to your home or party venue. You can make a ladybug wall by using poster putty to attach black circles to a red accent wall or by hanging red paper over a wall to achieve the same effect. Red and black tableware, paper plates, and tablecloths are an easy way to keep with the ladybug color scheme.


    Foods for a ladybug party are often decorated to look like ladybugs. This will work for desserts like sugar cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, and dipped pretzels. For healthy snacks, you can arrange a fruit plate of strawberries and blueberries to resemble a ladybug. Tiny ladybugs can be formed by cutting cherry tomatoes in half and arranging them on crackers with black olives for the ladybug head. You can also make ladybugs from mini Babyble cheese.


    Pairing activities with food is always a popular idea. Instead of decorating ladybug cookies yourself, you can have the cookies already baked and set up a table with frosting, sparkles, and chocolate bits so the party goers can decorate their own ladybug cookies.

    One party game that can be done with a ladybug theme is a variation of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Make a ladybug out of paper or felt and draw spot-size circles on it for the targets. Then make black spots either out of paper, to pin to the paper ladybug, or felt with the rough side of a piece of Velcro attached, to stick to the felt ladybug.


    Little girls love to dress up at parties, and giving your party goers a ladybug costume set will help make the party extra special. Bugs-n-Bloom's costumes are one-size-fits all, and the wings and tutu skirts will stretch to fit ages 2 through 8, or approximate sizes 2T through 10/12. These ladybug costumes and wings come in red or pink colors.

    A ladybug party will delight your little girl on her birthday. With such lovely ladybug decorations available, a variety of ladybug theme food, fun activities, and the chance to dress-up like a ladybug, all the young party goers are sure to have a good time.

  • Choose the Best Curtain Tiebacks for your Daughter

    Choose the Best Curtain Tiebacks for your Daughter

    Curtain tiebacks add a finishing touch to window dressings around the home. They can be used with a variety of styles for hanging curtains, and can be hung in several different ways to fit various interior design ideas. With Bugs-n-Blooms curtain tiebacks, there are styles and colors to add a fun and elegant touch of ribbons and sparkle to any room.

    Ways to Hang Curtains

    Curtains can be hung in a variety of ways. Most curtains are designed with a pocket that runs the length of the curtain to hold a curtain rod. This is an easy way to hang curtains, and lends itself well to using curtain tiebacks. Certain types of curtains also have loops that you can thread a rod through to create deep, soft pleats. Pleats can also be made using pleater hooks. These are pieces of metal hardware that pinch pleats into the curtain and have hooks for hanging on rings that go over the curtain rod.

    Another way to hang curtains is to use ring clips, which are rings that go over the curtain rod and clip to the top of the curtain panel. This creates a less formal look that moves across the curtain rod easily and works well with curtain tiebacks. Ring clips can also be used to create pleats if you pinch the curtains and attach the clips to the back of the folds.

    Rooms for Curtain Tiebacks

    Curtain tiebacks can be used with any style for hanging curtains, whether you thread the curtain pocket over a rod, use ring clips, or create pleats in the curtains. Tiebacks can be used to hold back window dressings in kitchens, dining rooms, living areas, playrooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They can also be useful for sunrooms, where letting light in is important, or in outdoor areas used during the summer such as a curtained gazebo.

    Curtain tiebacks from Bugs-n-Blooms can either be looped or tied around the curtains, depending on the style. If desired, they can be attached to the window frames or walls to hold curtains out of the way, similar to a traditional rope and tassel curtain tieback. They can also be used to hold a shear layer of curtain fabric that goes over a solid panel of fabric to add a layered look on the window dressings.

    Curtain Tieback Styles

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers 15 different styles of curtain tiebacks with butterfly, flower, dragonfly, ladybug and bee designs. The 5 butterfly designs come with ribbons to tie around the curtains and are available in a wide variety of colors including blue, purple, white, and multi-colored. Flower and dragonfly tiebacks are secured with either ribbons or two pieces of wire that wrap around the curtains. Glitter and shimmer ladybugs can be bought in pink, red, green or brown. Bumblebee tiebacks can be purchased in either pink or yellow, and are secured around curtains with a ribbon. All these curtain tiebacks are sold in pairs.

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